Friday, November 4, 2016


A tree of few words, Groot is an Alien known by the Kree as a Floral Colossus. He originated from "Planet X" and it was thought that his species had been extinct. Groot was first seen when he landed on Earth with his space-ship and threatened humanity as one of the Marvel Monsters in the Marvel Age of Monsters. It was his purpose to conquer planet Earth. He used some trees from Earth to become his soldiers. Groot was however soon defeated by a clever human which used termites on him. Groot fell to the ground and seemingly perished. He was not heard from for many years after his initial encounter with humanity.
Eventually Groot resurfaced when his body was taken by the "Collector", a cosmic creature that collected different rare species from the universe. It was him that revived Groot once more.
Groot was freed from captivity by the "Mole Man", roamed Earth for quite some time, fought against the Incredible Hulk, along with a number of other Marvel Monsters. He went on to be recruited by the "Howling Commandos", that was a team compromised of monster-like heroes.
Some years later Groot started changing his ways and became a force for the good. He joined a team of space superheroes - Groot became best friends with Rocket Raccoon. Rocket dutifully waters a twig he took off Groot in yet another battle and Groot returns once more to join Starlord's revamp of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Groot eventually received his very own ongoing series, in which Groot and Rocket explore the far reaches of the galaxy.
Groot made an appearance in our very own neighbourhood on Hallowed Eve, protector of children, disguised for the evening of trick or treating. It sure was nice to meet him and when we shook hands, I felt a little twig settle in the palm of my hand, assuring me all children in his care would be safe during this night.


Gail said...

Thank you, Groot. This is a wonderful story.

DJan said...

Awwww.... how sweet to meet a Good Monster! I loved this post. :-)