Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Just the FACTS MA'AM........just some local facts

Did you know that most of the WORLD'S FRENCH FRIES come from New Brunswick, Canada. New Brunswick-based McCain Foods makes one-third of all the frozen French Fries produced in the world, and many come from a $65-million state-of-the art potato processing plant that's in Florenceville-Bristol. The small town in western New Brunswick has taken on the moniker - "The French Fry Capital Of The World." This is also the location of the Potato World Museum and the heart of mid-July National French Fry Day celebrations.
People the world over play baseball - ever wonder where some of the world's best baseball bats come from.....Carleton Place, Ottawa, Canada. In 2012, more than 100 Major League Baseball Players chose to swing Canadian maple wood bets - better known as the "Sam Bat". Sam Holman, founder of The Original Maple Bat Corporations, invented the bat by choosing maple wood, a harder wood than the traditionally used ash. It is also the official bat of Australian Baseball and shipped around the world to places such as Taiwan, Korea, Japan Italy and Mexico. So, if you see a professional player with a little logo on their baseball bat, that's one of the 18,000 sluggers produced each year in Carleton Place, a half hour's drive from Ottawa.
Arlene & Jim Anderson, and Paul Balharrie bought Maple Bat seven years ago from founder Sam Holman, (although he still retains a portion). The Carleton Place factory makes bats for roughly 470 Pro Players; building each one to the individual players satisfaction.
Got a dry throat, or a cough?? - Pick up a pack of Halls - you'll be getting another little taste of home since they are made in the plant at Bertrand, Scarborough, Ontario. The plant produced more than 6 billion pieces of "medicine" for the U.S.A. alone, last year - enough that if you lined them side by side, they would circle the earth at the equator approximately 3.4 times.
Coins from Winnipeg, Canada - The Canadian Royal Winnipeg Mint produces COINS for 60 different countries, including Centavos for Cuba, Kroner for Norway and Pesos for Columbia. Currently the mint can produce over 20 million coins a day.
"Just The Facts Ma'am" - I always liked that line. Yes, I listened to Detective Sergeant Joseph    " Joe Friday" in his "Dragnet" series on the radio when I was a kid. Joe Friday (Jack Webb) was a fictional detective in the Los Angeles Police Department. He played this character on radio (1949-1959) and later on television. Have any of you ever found yourself using this line - it still remains one of the top 100 catchphrases in TV Land.


Gail said...

Wonderful facts. Great post.

Dad used Halls drops completely for a cough the last few years of his life. Nothing else worked for him.

DJan said...

What fun facts! I didn't know that about any of these things, but I think Halls are still being sold in some places. Now I'll think of YOU when I see them. :-)

Red said...

Interesting facts! some of them have Canadian roots well , origins!.

Little Red Hen said...

I didn't realise the mint made coins for other countries. Very interesting

Monique Reinds said...

I thought this was very interesting to read haha!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I have never wondered about where bats were made but I do know a man who used Hall's cough drops..and it's your Maine Man. His are kept in his night stand drawer and almost nightly I hear him getting one out.
I've never used the line "Just the fact's mam" but it's a good one, for sure! Your Maine man said to tell you "HI" back!
I think he knows he will never come home again now. Pushing 83 hard and he is slowing down way too fast. Me too, to be truthful. I've just gotten lazy about blogging. It's always so nice to hear from you. Time races by me, but know I do think of you and wonder how you are! I always read your message to Howard. Always! :)
He always grins. I can see his pleasure that you remember him.