Sunday, February 7, 2016

Hamburger anyone.....?

WHAT do people know about hamburgers, besides truly enjoying the sweet tasting experience?.....and to answer your thoughts about that first photo, I do remember paying 25 cents for a hamburger, 10 cents for fries and 5 cents for coca cola. People eat a little over four hamburgers a month on average, the world over. That probably explains why, whether it's a fast food joint, or fancy restaurant, it's more than likely you will find a burger on the menu. Burgers have been a culinary favourite for nearly a century; however, few know their true origins.
The history of hamburgers has been hotly debated over time. As early as the 4th century, the Romans created a similar dish to the hamburger, called "Isicia Omentata", a baked beef patty with lentils and spices.
 In Hamburg, Germany, thin meat patties became popular, and were eventually brought to America. While many countries claim to be responsible for the hamburger's inception, America holds itself accountable for what the burger is today.

As the story goes, Americans in the late 20th century began eating beef patties between two slices of bread. In 1916, Walter Anderson first invented the hamburger bun. He was a short order cook, who would go on to create the popular chain restaurant, White Castle.

In the wake of convenience foods in the 1950's, hamburgers and cheeseburgers exploded onto the American Teen scene, where they had settled as an American classic next to apple pie.
Today, hamburgers have become an art of sorts. They have become so popular and continue to do so, that a food culture has developed around them, and burger lovers have developed a very refined palette. Beef origin and quality has become a priority for 75% of burger lovers, and toppings are a close second, with 42% of people dubbing it the most important attribute.
However you may like your burger, know this; I am having burgers grilled on the BBQ for supper and you are more than welcome to taste my backyard cuisine.


DJan said...

That's okay, Saucy. I won't take you up on it unless you make a portobello mushroom burger for me! Since I haven't eaten beef for forty years or more, I must skew those numbers a little bit in the other direction. :-)

Friko said...

So, no McDonald’s reconstituted cowhide and junk burger then?

I haven’t eaten a fast food chain burger for decades but I will go to our excellent butcher and buy freshly made beef and pork burgers. We also have lamb and chicken burgers to choose from.

Friko said...

PS: In Germany burgers are not called Hamburgers but Frikadellen. (Frikos for short)

Filip and Kristel said...

Looks tasty, like your header picture.


Red said...

You are really old! Hamburgers for 25 cents? I didn't know they had french fries that far back!!!! Enjoy your bbQ burger!

biebkriebels said...

Nice story, but I am not such a lover of hamburgers, but many others are.

Caramella said...

I can never say no to a hamburger!! Yummy post, Saucy! :))

Karen Jones Gowen said...

Hamburgers and fries together are an irresistible combo!