Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Tasty Meal......or not.....

Jack was having a problem with all those high end packages of dog food. I tried everything - Beneful,  Iams, Pedigree,  Kibble n Bits, Whole Meals, Zero Grain, Gusto, Ol' Roy, and everything that was on the shelf. Jack kept breaking out in dry sores all over her bottom and tail and it near drove her crazy.  I started reading the back of all these different packaged foods and found their main filler was corn and chicken parts - WHAT !!!!! THEN, I investigated.
The animal parts that should be thrown out are the carcasses of livestock, poultry waste and supermarket rejects and all sent to the "Rendering Plant or Cook House".  Once this process is done, all that is left is yellow grease, meat, and bone meal - all along with whatever is pumped into the animals to fast grow them. The final "product" of this grisly process is sold as a source of protein and fat for making animal feeds. - YIKES  - I will not talk about Toxic Waste and Euthanized Pets -  UNFIT FOR HUMANS....LEGAL for the "Rendering Plant or Cook House".
I did a lot of research and found a "Holistic Blend" that DOES NOT HAVE - corn, beet pulp, wheat, BHT, BHA, ethoxyquin - it DOES HAVE - Chicken or Lamb (meat), whole brown rice, wild salmon (meat), spinach, pumpkin and banana. I bought a bag to try and started Jack on mostly vegetables, rice and a handful of the new dog food. I was simply amazed that in a few days the sores on Jack's back began to disappear - EVENTUALLY TOTALLY DISAPPEARED. 

I have been preparing all Jack's food for some time now. There are lots of vegetables, rice and some Holistic Blend added. I usually add a tid bit of whatever meat is cooking.
 I find myself reading more and more of what is actually in the foods presented to us at most supermarkets and wonder how I could have been so stupid to not read the fine print of what I thought to be "Fine n Fit Food" for my dog. I am not advertising for "Holistic Brand Dog Food". I remember having pets around the house when I was a child and when Mom got the Dog's supper ready, there was a hunk of home-made bread(broken up), some milk, and a  spoonful taken from every pot on the stove and usually a piece of meat, fish; whatever was cooking. My parents never bought dog food - the dog mostly ate what we ate and it was all healthy and nutritious. I can remember when Dog Food first came out in cans - my Father bought a can to try for our dog, thinking he was doing something nice for the dog. The contents smelled so bad that Dad threw it out in the garbage and said anything that smelled that bad shouldn't be consumed by man or dog.


DJan said...

I don't have a pet right now, but it's true that all that awful stuff in pet food is the equivalent of serving your pal Fast Food all the time! A friend just learned her dog has cancer, and I suspect its diet is the cause. When the list of ingredients is that long, there's a problem! Good on ya for figuring it all out! :-)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi Lilly!! t'is me your California bud. Your Maine man is at his computer mesmerized by the new system that was just installed in our home. HIGH TECH! Oh well..anything with wire and electricity he find of great interest. He once bought a big crate of WIRES at a garage and spend the next few days knee deep in picking though it..smiles from ear to ear.
Dog food. Years ago I discovered Science Diet dog food and for a long time only Vets carried it but now it is in some pets stores. I've used it since our Vet years ago recommended it. NO fillers etc. and NO Vet bills either. Just shots. Mele' does have a narowing windpipe apparently something her breed of dog can suffer from. Her fur and skin are beautiful. Poor little Jack. Our little dogs are like our children and when they hurt, it really is upsetting. You did a great thing for all of us by checking into it.
I'm pleased she is better.

Oh..and Howard? I've tried to hang pretties from his ears but he won't have any of it!! I wonder why. NOT into lace either, he says. LOL

Gail said...

It is scary what's NOT on the label.

I would have liked your dad.

Red said...

There are some very frightening things processed for animal food. It's not just dogs that get fed such horrible products. Check out foods for chickens pigs and cattle.

biebkriebels said...

It is a shame all that cat and dog food. Sometimes it is only liquid with nothing in it. When I was young I gave my cat fresh meat and cooked fish, he always liked it very much. Now I have a "design" cat which was already 2 years raised with special (expensive) cat food and she doesn't want something else. Glad your Jack is doing well now and likes the food you make for him.

Linda Kay said...

My dogs will eat anything, so that's probably why the dog food manufacturers don't worry too much about those content!

Linda Wildenstein said...

I don't think stupid has anything to do with it. We are all guilty of blindly accepting something until something else makes us question it. I think you did a super job of investigating and coming to your sweet pup's rescue diet wise. Good for you. It's scary how much "crap" is used in making our food too......yikes. xoxo Oma Linda