Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jack's First Encounter with.......

We were out walking one day way out in the meadow, on a farm.
We came upon the biggest, strangest dogs. 
I heard Mommy say their name was Horse. What I do not understand is why these large dogs are ALL called Horse. (Good Horse, Beautiful Horse, Nice Horse,  Horse likes dogs, etc)
I have friends, like Toby, Scruffy, Caesar, Daisy, Red n Rusty - 
I do not call my dog friends DOG, SO -
I shall make names for you - h-m-m-m, let me see
Bonnie n Betti - THAT'S IT, EH.
Meet my new friends Bonnie n Betti.


DJan said...

Oh Puppy Jack, you are such a good Canuck of a doggie, eh! :-)

Red said...

Listen, Puppy Jack, When the Eskimos fist saw horses , they called them big dogs!

Linda Kay said...

What a cute post! Thanks.

Countryside Tales said...

Hey Jack! We have two horses in our family and although Teddy used to go out running with them in the woods when our mum went riding, I didn't, so I'm not sure about 'em either. We like the names you gave your ones- much more sensible than 'horse'. Humans! Honestly! Love Ted and Pops xx

biebkriebels said...

What a sweet picture of the small dog and the big horses!

Linda Wildenstein said...

Oh puppy Jack, I envy you being able to spend some time with the horses. Lucky dog indeed.