Tuesday, January 20, 2015

-30 @ Oak Point - Low Tide

Cold surrounds everything
winter comes
with crystals forming
taking moisture from your breath
freeze framing it in the air
on your smile and in your hair
that frame your face
eyelashes have a sparkle
which make you shine
with a hint of frosting


DJan said...

Brrr! Looks cold, sounds cold, but gosh it sure is pretty! :-)

Linda Kay said...

Brrr, where's my blanket? Great verse and pictures, SK.

Red said...

You make winter look very pretty. I guess we might as make the best of it as it's going to visit us no matter what.

biebkriebels said...

That looks wintery there, beautiful pictures We have -2C today! Yippeee. First frost of this winter.

Linda Wildenstein said...

I am always happy when you post photos of your area. It is so absolutely different from here in NM. I love what you spoke to in your poetry.....lovely and brrrrrilliant