Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Lullaby For A Soldier

May your dreams bring you peace in the darkness
May you always rise over the rain,
May the light from above always lead you to love -
May you stay in the arms of the Angels.

May you always be brave in the shadows
'Til the sun shines upon you again,
Hear this prayer in my heart
And we'll ne'er be apart -
May you stay in the arms of the Angels.

May you hear every song in the forest
And if ever you lose your own way,
Hear my voice like a breeze 
Whisper soft through the trees -
May you stay in the arms of the Angels.

May you grow up to stand as a man, love;
With the pride of your family and name -
When you lay down your head or to rest in your bed,
May you stay in the arms of the Angels.

Link to song by Maggie Siff - 

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biebkriebels said...

A touching tribute to the soldiers, it is good to keep rembering them.

DJan said...

How wonderful this is, Saucy. I think we will be seeing many more takes on the day aswe get closer, but none will be more touching than yours. I miss your pretty pumpkins, though. :-)

Friko said...

This is a beautiful song S.K., not one I’ve ever heard before.

Something went wrong again, the last post of yours which appeared anywhere in my emails was the one welcoming the new baby.

I just clicked on your last comment and suddenly there were all these posts on your blog. I’m sorry not to have been for a long time, I just don’t get notification, except very irregularly.

Red said...

I always like your poems.

Linda Kay said...

Such a lovely post for the soldiers. Thanks for sharing this.

Marielle Collins said...

Beautiful and touching