Friday, October 10, 2014

Burnt Hill Sunset

I remember a sunset you gifted  me long ago
an afternoon of sun, sky and deep forest
idly watching nature's paintbrush 
changing the sky to blackest black - sinking
dark sky peering down to see its reflection -
edges trimmed with crimson red and yellow; 
its blue already gone.
a whisper of light reached upward -
only to be lost within the cloud
 wild birds in the eastern sky on their last flight
carrying sun drops on their wings 
whispered goodnight.
soon this brilliance was gone 
and a hush engulfed the land -
this sunset you gifted me
so very long ago -
I can still recall.


DJan said...

Beautiful! And simply perfect for the season. I love your pictures but even more your poem. :-)

Linda Kay said...

"Sinking dark sky peering down to see its reflection".....great line. Thanks for the thought on this Friday.

Gail said...

Beautiful pictures and even more beautiful words.

Red said...

Awesome poem with lots of good imagery and personification! You do have super sunsets in Nova Scotia!
Happy Thanksgiving..

biebkriebels said...

The sky is burning, beautiful and I like your text to it Lilly

Linda Wildenstein said...

Both the photos and your thoughts are beautiful. Very full of power and beauty. xoxo Oma Linda