Wednesday, September 24, 2014


"I'm a runnin' for Sheriff too, but together we will all get that Waweig River Gang and their leader. They are slippery like a snake and just as ornery. 

I will always be on the look out for you "Kid"; you can't escape the long arm of the law!!
Once a lawman, always a lawman...we will get you "Kid" Johnson. And by the way everyone, I'm carrying extra bullets and running for Sheriff......need your votes !!!!!!


Linda Kay said...

Hmmm a definite similarity!

Willow said...

Well I sure nuff like that hoss ~ but don't worry I know they hang horse thieves.

DJan said...

Funny! I suppose I can't vote for him, since I'm not Canadian. Can you vote twice, once for me? :-)