Thursday, September 11, 2014


Festival Time in two small border towns, Calais, Maine and St. Stephen, NB. Crowds were good, weather was fine, lots n lots of vendors and many interesting skills. One of the things I love about this summer festival is the crowd of people. Everyone is having a fine time. Yep, I spent money and discovered many new vendors with lots of surprises.
Ladies Lionettes
There were many skilled vendors, rides, slides and ponies along the riverbank. Sausages, ball park hot dogs, popcorn, curly fries, hamburgers, many taste stands, home made breads, biscuits, jams n jellies and much more - all followed with a parade in St. Stephen, ending in Calais. I really do appreciate the fact that this front street is closed and the vendors, musicians, street actors etc, have lots of room to perform. Just a wonderful way to spend the day.
And what would be a festival without our Emergency Responders. These very well trained girls walked a lot of miles during the day, always on the alert to be helpful if the need be. Neat thing about these small town festivals - you can have a nice chat with a total stranger and end up knowing someone they know. :)


DJan said...

What fun! It sounds like I would have enjoyed it, too, if I lived nearby. Which of course I don't. Thanks for the pictures, I felt like I went there along with you. :-)

Linda Kay said...

It looks like you are having way to much fun, my friend. I love to watch the old artisans.

Gail said...

Looks like the perfect day and lots of things to do.

Marcy was wondering if you had snow yet. Good to know the weather is fair.

Red said...

These local festivals are awesome. We have one here and block off three blocks of our main downtown street. We have many ethnic groups so it's very colorful.

Jackie said...

I love festivals like these!
It looks like a beautiful day for the festival, and I love the photos you shared!!

biebkriebels said...

I like those summer festivals very much, we had one last weekend and enjoyed it. Akways nice to see people having a good time.