Monday, August 4, 2014

Olde Truck

Driving along in the country, we passed by this olde rusty ?Ford
Some of you might identify it - just sitting in the olde lumber
yard, waiting for another load of logs that never came.


DJan said...

It's still got a bit of class to it, doesn't it, eh? :-)

biebkriebels said...

I am always surprised to see that people leave their old cars in nature. Here we almost never see that, they always go to a car-cemetary where they lie together and you can have some auto parts for sale.

Linda Kay said...

Oh, the stories that old truck could tell! Nice pictures.

Gail said...

Beautiful pictures.

Have a great day.

Linda Wildenstein said...

Gosh I just love old rusty vehicles like this. Your photos are great. It's like a museum of "almost could again". So many, many of our vacation photos are of rusty Sweet Man says that when we were young and liked to take those photos we were telling our own future, "rusty, dusty and just our style". Oma Linda

Jackie said...

We have an old rusty truck in the field/acreage behind our home. It was my husband's father's old truck. There is something about rust that I love. (Weird, I know... :) ) but I do love a photo of old rusty things: gates, fence wire, trucks, etc., so you know that I love LOVE these photos!