Thursday, July 3, 2014

Saturday, July 1st

Canada Day dawned amid bright blue skies, brilliant sunshine and gave way to the melodious roar of motorcycle pipes entering Kingsbrae Gardens in St. Andrews, N.B. This was the C.A.V. (Canadian Army Veterans Motorcycle Unit), friends, family and supporters, gathering to remember those who came before us; those who passed; those who came home. A Memorial Service to honour the lives lost in Afghanistan, the boys girls from your backyard. The service was followed with a wonderful lunch, provided by the staff of Kingsbrae.
"Out of somber moments, humility and humour arose; not just to give us reflection on the past, but to enable us to enjoy today, and embrace the future, whatever it may bring".
Then off we went to partake in the day's events, joining the parade through "Canada Day Town by the Bay"; followed with many day events, vendors, music, Maritime Charm and fireworks.
Certified Service Dog "Echo" - trained to assist individuals suffering from long-term Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Over the years, it's been referred to as shell shock, war neurosis, soldier's heart and combat stress reaction.  There are many reports that Service Dogs speed recovery from PTSD and approx 82% indicated a reduction in symptoms. Echo is 11 years old - she can lift your mood and help you feel less stressed - she provides you with a calming presence and faithful companionship - most dedicated.
Through Strength and Honour, we grow our family of supporters and veterans. Through a common love of our fellow man, we continue on this Route Of Remembrance.......Lest We Forget.


DJan said...

Wonderful, Saucy! I loved this post, and since I'm just a few miles south of the Canadian border, I feel like an almost Canuck, eh? And I've got many fantastic Canadian friends, you among them. Happy Canada! :-)

Red said...

Interesting that Canada Day and remembrance are combined here. But it looks like everybody really knows how to have fun.

biebkriebels said...

A nice post Lily, one can never remember too much the people who fought for freedom.