Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Name Is Charles......

My name is Charles.....
This is my brother Larry n my other brother Larry-
I also have two sisters: Carrie and Estelle......
some days they just make my head dizzy.
I think more clearly when I lie down.
I have an idea - perhaps my idea is useless, however; we would like to join with our other fine feathered brothers' n sisters and create a "gang" of mighty seagulls in the attempt to get some free food.
We sort of have a plan, however odd it might seem. Through much discussion, we have decided to gather and hatch a plot of fear; arrive in great numbers, confusing everybody and steal fish n chips from the King Street Takeout customers.
We have noticed the customers set the takeout bag on the hood of their car while attempting to open their car doors - kinda stupid on their part - an advantage for us. We could swoop in, grab the takeout bag and hastily retreat to the Olde Tower of Town Hall and have a great feast. There is a window busted in the back, which makes for a great entrance. We have a secret place there, just for meetings like this and its also great protection to get out of the bad the hurricane last week.
We voted in Slick Eddie to be our leader; a commanding fellow of sorts, whose good in a fight.
Unfortunately, he flew into a pole and has gone a bit soft in the head.
Then we picked Nelson and figured he could easily be the brains behind our whole mission, as he always surprises us with human treats - well, he got trapped in the baggage compartment of the bus leaving for St. Andrews.
Then, there is John and one of my brothers - Larry. They are sneaky, I mean real sneaky and I thought they would be a great addition in hatching the plan, however; they are dealing cards across the river in Maine at the gambling resort. Oh crap!
I had hoped to have Carrie fly over and sit on the roof of the takeout and just listen - like a secret listening agent; just found out she does not like the music they play on the Tide Radio Station - seems she likes the blues much better. I am not at all happy with this.
Finally I turned to Estelle , my last hope as a major player to fly back n forth between the Tourist Bureau and the Olde Town Hall , as Carrie's lookout. Did I mention there is a People's Pub on the corner - She's always getting into the sauce on the deck in the back of the place. Regrettably, someone left a few drops in a glass out on the "open deck" and she has passed out.
Perhaps, at this time, I must take a temporary pass, on our "Gang" plans. It seems they were going to fail from the start. It's probably much safer to stick to the waterfront, get in a bit o'fishin' and just accept whatever treats come our way.
Dinner Anyone ?
by SaucyKod


DJan said...

Oh, so funny! I do like the one in shades, but I guess my favorite is the lush. :-)

Linda Kay said...

How cute! In keeping with the current cinema, how about "The Planet of the Seagulls"?

Marielle Collins said...

This is a great post, Saucy! You made my day. "This is my brother Larry n my other brother Larry" - that will keep me laughing for days :)))
Thanks for posting this, love the photos!

Gail said...


Red said...

I hope that's not you out there with the gulls. There fierce and a little sloppy with their pooh.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

How cute. I think they could have pulled the whole thing off had they let Johathon Livingston in on it.
His theory is that if you want it bad enough, you can do it.
Who wouldn't want an entire bag of carry-out. What a cute story, Lilly, and the sunglasses! What a scream! Some of those pictures of seagulls are so funny. The opne that looks like it's wearing a black wig..:) lol
LOVE it!

biebkriebels said...

You made some funny story and very funny photos as well. Great, well done.

Friko said...

I had a really good laugh at this story of everyday flying robber gulls.

Ad the pictures are a treat too.

Thanks for a great post.

Petra Pavl√°tkov√° said...

Thanks for the laugh, Lilly, I thoroughly enjoyed your story. My favourite capture is... well... all of them!:)

Jackie said...

Hi Lilly. I haven't been around in a while, and I am always so glad to be back at your see your posts and photos.
I don't think I've ever seen that many seagulls in one spot. That would be a bit disconcerting for me. But what a GREAT shot!!
You take wonderful photos.
Sending you hugs and hoping that your summer has been a lovely one.