Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Arthur Hits The Maritimes -

Bridge out of town closed again........
Post-tropical storm Arthur battered the Maritimes over the weekend leaving more than 290,000 homes and businesses without power. Heavy rain and strong winds resulted in over 2,000 tress toppling down in Fredericton, NB alone. High winds forced restoration operations; as Hydro crews could not put buckets up due to the wind. The southwestern community of St. Stephen had received 142 millimeters of rain by Saturday - it marked the third time in four years that excessive flooding hit St. Stephen leaving the main route into the town from the north impassable by Saturday evening. No real damage at my place - just a wind torn screen house and lots of my "neighbours" branches from an awesomely large maple tree in my back yard -  a few hours cleanup took care of that.
NB Power estimated on Sunday 48 to 72 hours to repair damage and today many homes are still without power. We were most fortunate - we only lost power for approx 40 hours. NB Power is looking at Friday to have all power restored in the Charlotte County Area just in time to celebrate the Chocolate Fest (St. Stephen) and International Homecoming Festival hosted by Calais, Maine. Much fun and many events in two small towns. Although separated by the St. Croix River and border crossing, the towns merge together as one during the Festival.
My neighbours just around the corner had this large tree just slide down the side of the house, coming to a complete stop just outside their front window. No damage to house. 
New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island battling waves -
NO, this fisherman did not fall in, however he did secure the line.
Storm has come and gone - repairs are underway and power is coming on slowly round the Maritimes. Many thanks to the crews of Hydro Workers from Maine that you see bustling round town this week. 


biebkriebels said...

Oh my, you had some heavy storm there.. Lucky no serious damage for you. That was a very big tree that came down. Hope there will be no more hurricans coming by.

Red said...

That was an awful storm. When it takes that long to get power back on you know it was a bad storm. I'm happy that you are safe.

Countryside Tales said...

That shot of the road cracked in half is incredible. Thank goodness, we don't get storms like that here. Very glad you are OK.

DJan said...

I saw this storm on the news, and I thought of you and all my friends who were impacted. I'm so glad you were all right through it. So much damage to others, though. Your neighbors were very lucky! :-)

Jackie said...

Oh my goodness!
I've been out of town (actually out of state) for a while, and I had no idea these storms were hitting the area in such a devastating way.
I do hope that you and loves you love are doing well.