Sunday, June 29, 2014

What did I do in June?

The month of June has sped by quickly and now we are in the midst of summer - how grateful my small garden, plants and flowers are. The cardinals, blue jays and other species were busy building nests and are now busy feeding babies. What did I do in June?
I joined a motorcycle club - The Canadian Army Veterans Motorcycle Unit - The C.A.V. -

The C.A.V. was started in 2003, the brainchild of co-founders "Doc" Lebrun and PM "Trapper" Crane, CD.; a couple of wounded soldiers and avid motorcycle riders who imagined a group of similar individuals reaching out to help others through their common military ideals of love of riding motorcycles.
The C.A.V. is based upon a military structure, having three formations in Canada: 1 C.A.V. covers Central Canada, 2 C.A.V. covers Eastern Canada and 3 C.A.V. covers Western Canada. There is also a formation known as C.A.V. International.
The C.A.V. is instrumental in raising funds and awareness through various charitable rides : the Rides for Dad, assisting the Tony Stacey Center in Toronto, the Perley Rideau Veterans House, The Veterans Hospital in Saint John, The Fisher House in Landsthul, Germany; the Soldier On Program as well as many more Local, National and International Organizations.
The C.A.V.'S motto is based upon the military principles of Strength and Honour: - strength in supporting any positive energy that is needed in our communities; and honour in keeping alive the sacrifices of those who came before them and today's military. This, along with our mission statement: "Ride, Have Fun while Helping Others is the "raison d'etre" among all members.
Grand March, Graduation came and went. The handsome fellow will enter the next phase of his career in becoming a Police Officer, perhaps eventually a Mountie and the beautiful young woman will study Marine Life. Best of luck to both of you as you enter the next exciting phase of your lives. lol

NOW, summer finally came to the Maritimes, so the usual cleanup, planting , painting etc - lets move onto the St. Croix River and go fishing, which I did yesterday with Dr. D.........
Last, however not least, a young Moose casually walked along the OLDE road, not at all bothered by Dr D's vehicle and he snapped a couple of sweet photos for you all to enjoy. This is a young Moose (weight at birth 30-40 lbs), now weighing approx 400 - 500 pounds, while its parents would be  900 - 1400 lbs and reaching a full grown height of 7 feet.


Countryside Tales said...

LOVE the moose and the pic of you fishing :-)

biebkriebels said...

Well uou had a nice time in June. Those motorcycle boys are heavy ones, you almost disappaer between them. That is a big fish you cought from the river, nice guy, Dr. D, also a heavy boy, but the boat didn't fell over. The moose is wonderful, a beauty on long legs!

DJan said...

How cool of you, Saucy. And they are lucky to have YOU as a CAV member. What do you call a young moose? A moose kid? He's quite a looker. :-)

Red said...

You do have a lot of fun. I can just see you burnin' around the curve with your bike just about horizontal!
And then you go fishing. What a contrast!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

What a wonderful place to live, where one can see such wildlife! I miss the country so much sometimes..
I am so pleased to hear that your brother is doing so much better. I know it must be huge relief for you.
PH is doing better. I was worried for awhile but his color is better and seem almost back to his self again. It's a worry when someone you love is ill.
Take good care, Lilly.
Did you catch any fish?
Did little Jack get to go with you? Probably not.
It would be like having a child to watch when you are trying to catch a few fish! :)

Haddock said...

wow.... growing to 7 feet height, that is really big.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

My hat is off to you today, my dear
Canadian friend! I honor your beautiful country. A wonderful neighbor and wonderful friend of America, both your country and you!