Wednesday, June 25, 2014

CALL 911........

One scorching day, a woman pulled into a parking spot at the supermarket and noticed that the woman in the next space was slumped rigidly over her steering wheel, holding one hand up to the back of her head. She felt concerned for the other woman, however; went on with her shopping.
When she returned to her car with her groceries, the other woman was still sitting in the same position - hand up to the back of her head and bent over her steering wheel.
The woman tapped on the window and asked if the other woman needed any help - was she feeling all right?
"Please call 911", she gasped, "I've been shot and I can feel my brains coming out!"
Then the woman noticed a grey sticky substance oozing out between the other woman's fingers, so she ran back into the store, phoned for help and notified the store manager.
When the paramedics arrived, they carefully pried the woman's fingers from the back of her head, examined the injury, and checked the rest of the car. That's when they started laughing. The paramedics explained that a can of Pillsbury Poppin' Fresh Biscuit Dough on the top of her grocery bag in the back seat had exploded in the heat. The metal lid on the tube had struck the woman on the back of the head, and the top biscuit had shot out and stuck to her hair.

The sales receipt in the woman's groceries showed that she had sat there for one and a half hours before anyone had stopped to offer help. The Manager gave her a new can of biscuit dough.
This story became popular during the long, hot summer of 1995 and continued to circulate through the following year. A "joke" version developed on the Internet - the story line beginning with -  "Beware of the Dough Boy" - "My friend Linda went to Canada last week to visit her in-laws, and while she was there....blah, blah, blah."
Many Comedians including Brett Butler delighted in retelling "The Biscuit Bullet Story", sometimes as a supposedly true story. The "leaky brain" motif occurred in several old, traditional folktales; one of which may have mutated into the modern legend it is today.....and that my friends; is the doughy end of this story.



DJan said...

I remember this story! But now I wonder if it really happened or not. It's just too good a story not to have been made up, don't you think Saucy? :-)

biebkriebels said...

Ha,ha,ha, that is a funny story, but not so nice for the woman herself. Has it really happened or is it story that told itself on and on to others?

Gail said...

I have heard that one.

That happened to me but I ate the dough and just drove home! Kidding.

Red said...

I'm sure you could make a long list of other events where someone overreacted and a simple silly thing became serious. I think you have the making of a series here!

Francesca Edesia Polisano said...

OH, my goodness, at first I thought it was real! What a story! Incredible!