Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Hunt........

She walked among the daffodils,
- eyes piercing -
Somewhere -
there was a treasure
hidden within the yellow sea -
And there it was,
a golden slip of oval goodness -
encasing a sweet wonder.
Her fingertips 
could barely free from its grasp.
Treasure found, she added it to the basket
 filled with other such wonders -
- a secret smile spreading across her face.


DJan said...

Just adorable! Happy Easter to you and yours, Lily! :-)

Red said...

You are such a romantic! Nicely said for the excitement children have at Easter,

Jackie said...

Beautiful post!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved hiding those Easter Eggs,I miss the hunt..Beautiful pictures of children and flowers.Happy Blessed Easter.ML

Linda Wildenstein said...

the joys of Easter egging......

genie said...

Gal...These pictures really touch the old heart. They are precious.