Thursday, March 20, 2014

An afternoon @ Harbour Station

The 2014 Ford World Women's Curling Championship got underway at Harbour Station, in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada on March 15. The twelve teams who have qualified for this event are: Canada, China, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Korea, Latvia, Russia, Scotland, 
Switzerland, Sweden and the USA.
Following the opening ceremony on Saturday 15 March, the teams met in seventeen sessions of round-robin play, until the evening of Thursday 20 March. After this, tie-breakers will be played, if needed, to determine the top four ranked teams. The gold and bronze medal finals will take place on Sunday 23 March.
My friends Donna and Bill, both volunteers at the event, gave me tickets to attend the game between Canada and Denmark on the 17th . Sorry Denmark, but you lost 6-2. It was a great day to visit the city, have a fun filled afternoon with lots of talent, beautiful colour, noise and excitement:)


biebkriebels said...

That is exciting to follow the match. We didn't know this sport here until the Olympics of 2010 and thought it was very commic to use a broom on the ice instead of skates!
But at the last Olympics the dutch were more interested now and we are beginning to like it.

DJan said...

Curling is the strangest looking sport ever. I wish I knew more about it! :-)

Fun60 said...

Have seen curling on the TV but not live. It looks as though there was a great atmosphere there.

Jackie said...

I just LOVE these photos!
I enjoy coming to a blog that has such interesting text and photos...and you never disappoint me with either.
Looks like you had a grand time!!

Friko said...

Would you believe I had never heard of curling until the Olympics this year?
Funny sport, shoving a ‘thing’ across the ice.