Monday, February 3, 2014

Aah.....Spring Ice -

Spring Ice - On The Move - but, we just had Winter??
A few short weeks back we had ice storms, freezing rain,
tons of snow and more on top of that, along with -25 to -31 temps.
Recently we have had a severe break in the weather, 
so warm in fact that lunch was served sitting out on the deck.
The ice on the river is breaking up and there is more coming down river. 
This photo was taken just about at high tide - there is lots more ice to come yet, and much of it will collect at the bridge. Some smaller pieces will get through and run on down river towards the wharf and then out into St Andrews Bay and the Bay of Fundy. As the ice thaws more,  ice chunks that are too big to get through the bridge will continue to collect around and under the bridge and one day in late Feb or March  it'll all let go and rush through in one big bang. I have yet to be there when it happens; however, have heard the noise it makes. We haven't had our highest tide of the year yet, anytime through mid-Jan till mid, I'm thinking it may run over the wharf this year. 
This last photo is to the right of the bridge.  The river runs down through the gap opening in the upper left corner. We have very swift currents in the St. Croix River and it can be very dangerous - when you walk by you can hear and watch the ice chunks moving and gathering. Perhaps I'll just be walking by when that happens this year. Sure is a site to see and hear, so I'm told.


Friko said...

That’s what I call winter.
If we had anything like that in the UK you’d never her the end of it.

It’s quite beautiful, I hope it’s not dangerous enough to ram and damage the bridges?

PS: SK, I haven’t been notified of any previous posts of yours since the one about the veteran. This blog looks different. What happened? I”m sorry I haven’t visited, but I simply didn’t know that you had posted.

Anonymous said...

It must be quite dangerous when the big chunks of ice gather at the bridge and can't continue on their way down until the bang comes which releases them all. The noise must be very specific...

Nice and interesting photos, Lilly, I especially like the first one!

Jackie said...

Those are beautiful photos of something I will probably never see: ice on a river.
Stunningly lovely!

Red said...

River ice is exciting to watch when you're there. It tends to break very quickly. I hope you're there this year.

Jana said...

hi Lilly, how much ice you have got! we even did not have once snow in Holland this you think its over? greetings+good new week, sunnny smiles from tulipland

biebkriebels said...

That is interesting that walking ice. I remember from a heavy winter long ago here that it crawled over the dikes blown by the winds.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Heavens! Best to be very, very respectful of that river. Wish, IF you were to be there, that you could take a video of it and post it. :)
Ice has power, not to mention a moving river.
Thanks for your sweet comment. I always read them to PH. I think he thinks you are HIS friend! LOL And of course you are. Always asks what you had to say..or I call him in to read your comments or emails to him. You would like him SO much. Still hoping we get to meet one day.

Friko said...

Me again.

I just clicked on your last comment on my blog and was directed to the Google + page of the Last Veteran again.

I scrubbed about and clicked on ‘About’ and was directed to this blog. The last time I responded (above) was the only time I’ve been directed directly to this blog page.

Perhaps the Google+ doesn’t get updated regularly?

Friko said...

Me again.

It hasn’t got any easier coming here, I’m sad to say.
I don’t know if this is your current post. There is a picture of SK changing her profile but I can’t get into it.

Sorry SK, I don’t want to join Google+. It’s causing problems on various blogs; I also don’t like the idea of Google determining what I can or can’t do.

I shall keep on trying to get to you via the ‘About’ button which promises to lead me to your current blog and, hopefully, post.

Gail said...

Amazing! I will remember you when I start to complain about our snow and temps. We are lucky.