Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tree Tid Bit

Balsam fir, pine or spruce trees, fresh-cut and bound, have begun piling up outside corner stores, malls, supermarkets, parking lots,etc across Canada. Their green, minty smell reminds you.....Christmas is not far off.
This tradition, of cutting down an evergreen, hauling it onto your vehicle or sleigh and then into your home and decorating it; was brought to Canada in 1781, when a German General by the name of Baron Friedrich Von Riedesel erected the first Christmas in Sorel, north of Montreal.
Riedesel Family Christmas 
Today the Christmas trees are a half-billion dollar industry in Canada. Canadian farmers harvest about 2.5 million trees for the holidays every year.
Canada has approx 2,381 farms that grow Christmas Trees. One hectare of Christmas trees produces enough oxygen for between 40 and 45 people, for those of you that may have thought of trees and oxygen. Ontario has the most tree farms, at approx 647. However, Quebec's tree farms were, on the average, the largest in the country. The average amount of land per farm dedicated to growing Christmas Trees was approx 54.4 acres.
Aside from Ontario and Quebec, most growing takes place in Nova Scotia, British Columbia ...and hold on to yer hats.....New Brunswick, my province :)
Anyone that has flown over or across parts of Canada has seen acre after acre, hectare after hectare of trees - we have LOTS of trees, and even with this cutting of annual Christmas Trees, we still have lots of trees, for trees are being replanted as they are being cut down - take and replace...right!
My neighbour has her daughter home for Christmas and, well, you know, Lorraine just had to borrow her brother's truck, n go tree hunting with her Mum in our forest - She was most successful and everyone helped decorate the tree - so much fun - traditions - Eh!


DJan said...

We don't do Christmas trees any more. It's just the two of us anyway. But you've given me a thought of maybe getting an evergreen in a pot and putting it on the front porch. I could decorate it with stuff for the birds. :-)

Jackie said...

I bet the Christmas tree smells heavenly. I remember the smells of a live tree from when I was a little girl.
Lorraine's tree is beautifully decorated....

Red said...

Hey, you've been away a while! It's good to see you back. We need your sense of humor to get though the Christmas season. Great angle on the Christmas tree.

biebkriebels said...

Wow that is a real industry, what a lot of trees. In a way it is a ridiculous action, to plant all those trees and cut them to end for two week in a home. But everybody does it, so do I. I have a plastic one which looks very real, but it is so much work to put it up with all those braches sticking in the holes, I am always exhousted afterwards. So last year I bought a real one again, but then you have to get rid of it afterwards with all the needles spreading around...

Linda Wildenstein said...

My best friend's two sisters live on a working Christmas tree farm in Oregon. I should imagine that the scent when you walk out the door of their houses is heavenly.
Very interesting information about the trees grown up north. I still love a live tree but SM isn't convinced any more so we do artificial but I always get a live wreath for the scent of Christmas time that it delivers. Happy Holidays, Oma Linda

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Wow, what a pretty tree they found. PH got mine in and up in it's stand today..well..we both did it. Looks good. Not REAL tall but it's nice and thick. Easy to hide the lights. :)
Lots of wind today..blew everything over..tore the heck out of my plants..COLD wind..down from the mountains..definitely northwind.
take care, Lilly! Can't wait to see your decorations. I'm still working on mine.
Off to bed. Totally bushed!!

genie said...

Geeze...I have never seen so many tree and tree farms. It really is a huge industry up there. I wonder if they ship them to the US, too. When the kids were young, we would go out and cut our trees, but now all Bud and I have is a Charlie Brown tree with one red ornament. We are old party poopers.