Monday, December 9, 2013

Decorate a Tree For Your Winter Birds.....

Decorating a tree with edible ornaments is a great way to share holiday spirit with our winged winter friends, and there are a wide range of different foods you can offer on a bird Christmas Tree. The more you decorate a tree to feed the birds, the more species you will attract and the more birds you'll be able to enjoy during the winter.
Birds are not picky - If you choose to decorate a big tree or a small tree in a bucket, the birds will be happy either way:)
Don't forget, your winter birds are going to be thirsty and most available water sources are frozen so a small amount of water in a dish, pail, pan or even a fancy warming pond will go a long way to quench your feathered friends thirst - I have a small clay pan which I fill daily and sometimes more than once a day if the weather is severe, placed next to the "Bird Winter Tree".
While you can just sling out the bird feed in already made feeders, its is just a bunch of fun to do as a family project and every family should try this at least once - you won't regret it and it is fun to watch the birds munch on your home made or packaged treats :)
When you are choosing food for a bird Christmas tree, do keep in mind the feeding preferences of your own individual winter inhabitants - Southern habitats may have more fruit-eating birds that stay for the winter, making strings of fruit as an appropriate choice, while nuts and suet are more popular for inhabitants of colder areas. Why, you can even string unsweetened Cheerios and tie to tree branches - sure is pretty.
Be sure to decorate early to give birds plenty of time to find the food before the weather is at its harshest - it can take a week or two for birds to become familiar with the tree. Make lots of ornaments and replace them as needed all winter long to provide an attractive and effective feeder for your winter birds. Please do not begin to feed and then stop - that is just cruel.
Top it off, if you have the space by making your winter backyard, deck, porch even more bird-friendly by offering a heated bird bath to give the birds liquid water and winter shelters to help your feathered friends stay even more comfortable in the coldest weather. Some birds will even roost in your Tree if the branches are thick enough to offer the protection they need through the winter - kinda like us folks, why would you leave a nice hotel that offered you everything you needed, eh :)


Karen Jones Gowen said...

Such a good idea! And I'm sure the birds are grateful :)

Red said...

Hey, I didn't know you were a big birder. You've said all the right things. I hope you bring in lots of birds.

biebkriebels said...

That looks very tasty for the birds. I like it to see them eating in the garden, you see so many different birds comming for dinner.

DJan said...

I stopped feeding the birds last winter when the squirrels overran the area. If I had some way to discourage the squirrels, I'd do the tree. But I can just see those pesky critters now, decimating the tree in nothing flat! :-(

genie said...

Well, you know your birding, too. Love the idea of the tree, but we have NO evergreens. I have been reading about making my own food thingies and am going to give it a try. I loved this post. Your writing is so easy to read, follow, and understand. LOOK, NO SNOW! You can see how far behind I am in commenting.