Monday, September 30, 2013

The Wawieg Gang Saga continues....

Deputy Sheriff "Jingles" Johnson, ma brother "Kid" Johnson n  Dead Eye Dick
In a recent letter from ma brother, I'll share this part with ya - "howdie little bro' - So, you want to come and see me on the ranch, after all these years. Maw would be proud of you for that cause she ain't seen ya since you run off with that WILD WEST SHOW. I tole her you had gone to the other side of the law, seein' as you spent a stretch in jail and that Sheriff Bob done took you under his wing and taught you the righteous path n all. The news about you being a lawman hit Maw real hard at first, but she will come around. I just hope she don't shoot you when she see's you, but I will chew the fat with her a bit more....."
In ma letter I wrote back I said - " Tell Maw I ain't changed much - being a Deputy Marshall just makes it easier to be on both sides of the tracks sometimes and I might even be ale to help her out now and then with a couple of gold coins to feed the chickens. Tell her not to shoot this lawman;  cause it was her that tole me to get a better life. I still luv me Maw and ask her to be easy on me. I ain't all that bad "KID", yure ma brother and you know I miss yas a bunch. Tell Maw I luv her still n I sure am looking fer her Friday cookout in back of the house, if she'll have me. I hear you'll be in Watts Junction tomorrow. If you remember anything, remember not to be on the train same time as me, cause then I'd have to arrest you and Maw might still shoot me in the foot anyways, cause she has a wrangly temper".
The day was hot and me and Sheriff Bob was bound to protect the UNICEF Train, travelling south from the small town of McAdam. Billy Young was helpin' drive the train and the fellas were putting the coal to er engine and she was moving mighty fine - heading to Lawrence Station. 
You always make time for the youngest fans......
The law fellas on board the train thought there might be a robbery tried at Lawrence Station, so they decided to just keep goin'. A few miles down the road at Watts Junction, there was Maw and The Waweig Gang, waitin' right on the tracks aimin' pistols n rifles right at Billy Young and the other fellas. I was tole they heard the train a'comin' and yessir, she pulled right up to them with a mighty fine stop. 
We had already boarded the train and was chewin' the fat with the passengers and lookin' at the same time for any train robbers that might disguise themselves as passengers. Right in the second passenger car I met a nice lady "Miss Jenny", who done give me a bread sandwich with some kinda fine meat n cheese  - I woulda asked her to the Ranch rite then n thare, but I don't know how Maw would be, me bringing home a purdy lady n all without lettin' her know, so I left her sittin' thare with her other friends. I tole her I would ask Maw about maybe bringing her to the cookout n she smiled a nice smile. Miss Darlene was there with her travellin' companion Miss Marie and everybody was havin' a grand time.
Sheriff  Bob kept pushing me down to last passenger car and we was pretty happy thare was no bandits aboard, when all of a sudden we hear this commotion n noise n guns n people yelling. We done run right up to the middle of the train and low and behold - thare was The Waweig Gang, with Maw and ma older brother right up in the front. They musta boarded tha train just behind us. We could see through the windows thare was bandits ridin' both sides of the train, some on foot and a buncha fellas on horseback. They was whoopin n hollerin' and there in the middle of it all,  was a  young fella entertaining passengers with his rope tricks, hoping passengers would toss gold coins out the window in appreciation.
Well, Sheriff Bob swinged into action and tole me to help round em all up. There was confusion, some shootin' n I almost had it out with me own Maw, but eventually we herded the bandits outta the train, much to the bewildered looks of the passengers. The bandits took some hostages and they was all tied up, but we got them untied and used the same rope to tie up all the bandits. I stayed back on the train a bit, cause "Miss Ellie", was actin' a bit funny - I guess a robber fella was disguised as a passenger and was pretendin' to be "Miss Ellie's" husband; but heck, we all know Miss Ellie is married to the Watt Junction Deputy Sheriff Roy , so I jumped him n booted him off the train too down with the rest of the gang. Why, Miss Ellie hung rite on ma side after that - I always liked Miss Ellie. 
When the train folks was thanking us, Maw and some of the others slipped away from their ropes and sneaked away into the bushes. Some of the horsemen got away too, but we did toss a bunch in jail. I shouldn't say, but I'm glad Maw and me brother got away, cause I can still go to the cookout on Friday nite n maybe,  just maybe Miss Jenny might go with me?
Why the folks on the train was so grateful that they tossed us a real big box of those fancy Ganong chocolates - those Ganong folks had opened a Chocolate Factory just down the tracks a bit in St. Stephen and they wuz aboard and I gotta tell you, them chocolates waz some good. 
Anywayz , Maw wern't too mad at me, cause she got away n all with ma older brother; but when I seen her, she shook me for a bit real mad n real hard like, then she hugged me, so I guess it is fixed fer now.
In the meantime, n I heard by way of Telegraph, The UNICEF Train finished the journey to St. Stephen n got back to McAdam and the UNICEF money got tucked in the bank and spent nicely on where it was needed. The townspeople of McAdam were so happy they had a big cookout right at the Train Station and everybody was invited. Yep, we all had a fine time and there was some mighty good food thare too.
McAdam Train Station
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DJan said...

What fun! And those chocolates musta tasted purty good! :-)

Anonymous said...

Almost felt that I was there...L

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Your cowboys look like they just rode in off the range..and then got stuck in JC Penny's Western Wear department! :) Such a hoot!

biebkriebels said...

What a story! A bit difficult to read the "slang", but I think I got the point. The train looks great, must have been fun to watch all this.

Linda Wildenstein said...

Gosh, this was such a good tellin' of super adveture. Sure looks like a good time was had by all. I loved coming along with all of you on this desperado shindig. Oma Linda

Friko said...

What an energetic adventure. Lots of fun and excitement and I bet the performers enjoyed it even more than the spectators.

A big box of chocolates won’t have done any harm either, I expect.

Francesca Edesia said...

The slang is a bit difficult to understand, but then so is the Sicilian dialect. What an interesting story. The performers are amazing. The first thing my daughter would do is go to the Chocolate factory:)

Anonymous said...

This was a great story and I enjoyed your western humor and cuteness - really great photos - ya'll look mighty fine !
John D.

Chris said...

Hi Lilly, your blog is a hoot. So glad you found me - we Canadians have to stick together eh? Hugs, Chris

Anonymous said...

Hi Lil, you are very cool.ML