Monday, August 19, 2013

Aha, said the camera......

She posed for the photo
with true delight -
and without so much as a word -
disappeared from sight.

Oh where, Oh where
could she ever have gone -
this prose is beginning
to sound like a song.

Aha, said the camera
I've found her at last -
"a squat she can do"
at 70 years past :)


DJan said...

Oh, I LOVE the pictures of you, Saucy! Such a good looking woman eh! And she's a poet, too, it seems. You have just made my day with this whimsy. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm smiling at this playful post sounding like a song indeed! A merry song, that's important to add. Thank you for the fun, Lilly. :)

Red said...

Yes, you do write poetry!
Keep doing squats and you'll be more agile all around.

Linda Wildenstein said...

Well ya got me on that replacement leg doesn't bend like that and so....neither do I. Oma Linda

biebkriebels said...

You are a lady of certain age now! But you look so good and a great poet too. I enjoyed your post with a lot of fun.

Jana said...

lovely poem Lilly! Collecting herbs? Is this you btw?:-) thanks a lot for your visits+heart-warming comments! its my pleasure to take you with me on my trips!

Anonymous said...

Like very much your blog
I am hiking just outside Barcelona
Best regards