Wednesday, August 21, 2013

N - How Was Your Day.........

A day on the Bay
You all know I cannot leave the beach
without building an Inukshuk -
All kinds of rocks n olde cement resting here
on the sea wall.
.....and....... just before the sun set
Sun-dogz  in the back yard -
N - Arc On The Sun :)


Red said...

My day was rotten. For me being such an optimist that's a terrible thing to say. Today was the grocery run and I hate shopping. There I've said it. I feel better.

Jana said...

It was a busy+sunny day yesterday, love your sea+stone treasures:-)

DJan said...

I had a great day yesterday, and I look forward to another one today. I love your pretty beach treasures, and as always, your Inukshuks! :-)

biebkriebels said...

What a nice walk with you, in Norway I saw those little Inukshuk statues too.