Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rally In The Valley

My Yardkidz have been active with haircuts( with the exception little Bitzy, who has no hair yet) and new attire - they are all excited about the Motorcycle Rally taking place in town this weekend and wanted to "dress accordingly". So - here they are all spruced up  and awaiting the arrival of the C.A.V. (The Canadian Army Veterans Motorcycle Units), celebrating the "Rally in the St. Croix Valley".
The C.A.V. was started in 2003 by "Doc" Lebrun and PM "Trapper" Cane, CD; a couple of wounded soldiers and avid motorcycle riders who imagined a group of similar individuals reaching out to help others through their common military ideals and love of riding motorcycles.
The C.A.V.,  is based upon a military structure having three formations in Canada. Each formation consists of individual units all named in tribute to Canadian Battle Honours. Our St. Stephen, Charlotte County/Fundy Isles unit is "Thiepval". The units are comprised of Veterans (those who have served) and Supporters (those who support the veterans and their causes).
The CAV'S motto is based upon the military principles of Strength and Honour - this along with their mission statement: "Ride, Have Fun While Helping Others", is their "raison d'etre" among all their members.
The C.A.V. has been instrumental in raising funds and awareness through various charitable rides:, the Ride for Dad, the Perley Rideau Veterans House, The Fisher House, the Soldier On Program as well as many more local (Saint John Veterans Unit) , National and International Organizations.
The Canada wide initiative to create a National "Highway Of Heroes" is the result of the energy and drive by the C.A.V.'s members. The Trans-Canada Highway #2 here in New Brunswick is now designated as the "Highway of Heroes"; thanks to their efforts.
These men and women, dressed in leathers and riding "Iron Horses,", belong to THE C.A.V.;  a brotherhood/sisterhood of motorcycle units based on Strength, Honour and Service to everyone.
Closing Ride - What a Thrill :)

Thanks a bunch guyz n galz -
it was a real pleasure meeting each and everyone of you :)
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DJan said...

That was a cool introduction to a great group, Saucy. Thanks! :-)

Gail said...

It is refreshing to see good people doing good deeds.

biebkriebels said...

Wow that is a nice event with all the motorcycles and a special highway named after the heroes.
When we were in the US some time ago, we met a group of riders and one invited me to sit on his motor. I must still have a photo of it. It was a red big one! Loved it.

Jana said...

the first pics made me smile! looks like u had tons of fun...happy new week from me!