Wednesday, July 31, 2013

OOT N ABOOT.....Atlantic Canada Banter

" Hi Ya
Hi Yah
You from here?
Yah, Eh
Where u from?
Ontario, I'm visiting fur shore, but am from here too, Eh; I was born here, Eh.
Well, I live here, but I'm not from here, Eh; I'm a "Caper", Eh
("Caper" - one from Cape Breton)
I guess I'm referred to as "local" though -
I'm kinda "local" too, ya know (thought she said loco) he,he
I'll share tha Bay with yah fer shure though, Eh -
Gee, that's darn nice and grand of yah, Eh!
Yah, I'm darn nice and it is grande, Eh. Lots to go round, Eh.
Jus' oot n aboot for a hike wit tha tide - tha tide; she's goin' oot yah know, Eh
Yah, it goes oot a long way, Eh
Yah, aboot less than a mile, yah know it, Eh.
Just pickin' up rocks for another - Inukshuk, Eh :)
Well, let me take a photo, Eh - so yah can preserve tha moment, Eh -
That's darn nice n grand of yah, Eh.
Yah, I'm darn nice and it is grande ya know - guess I already said that, Eh.
Yah, Eh."


DJan said...

Well! You certainly have me laughing, eh! I should go back and count the number of times you used Eh! in this one, Saucy. It was perfect, eh? :-)

Gail said...

What a wonderful view of the beauty around you. I could get lost in that!

Red said...

Getting oot and aboot is the est thing going. We need to meet with others and chat. I met a couple tonight that i hadn't seen for awhile. I was riding bike.

Red Nomad OZ said...

Hahahaha!!! You've got to be at least an honorary Aussie with all those 'ehs' - luckily, being an Aussie, I don't need a translation!!!