Thursday, October 25, 2012


Saucy's Haunted Porch n Jack......
The night is dark and the goblins are out,
There's Witches n Black Cats prowling about.
Costumed creatures; the strangest I've seen,
Will be knocking on doors -
'cause it's Halloween.
~ GHOSTS do not have shadows and leave no footprints ~
~ Some people believe that CROW BONES will make you invisible ~
~ Put your clothes on inside out 
~ Walk backwards, to where TWO ROADS MEET
~ Wait until midnight and you will see a WITCH !
Join me at Saucy's Table for TREATS...
Haunted Home on Riverside Drive - BELOW
 ( just up the road from Saucy's)
~ Wearing GARLIC around your neck will keep VAMPIRES away ~
~ Shooting a WEREWOLF with a silver bullet is supposed to kill it ~
 Passerby's stopping to PEEK! - hope you didn't miss ur BUS :)
                                        Riverside Drive                    Photos by Saucy
For a great Halloween Video created by Saucy,
check out Past Post Oct 22, 2011 


Red said...

Pretty creepy stuff! Well done with the poetry.

Gail said...

I love your decorations and your poem.

Happy Halloween!

Genie said...

This post is so makes me forget the howling wind outside. Sandy has arrived. Sure...send off the picture. Am so glad you all love creating these goodies as much as my family does. We, too, do them everywhere he go and leave our mark. genie