Friday, October 5, 2012

A wee house built in the dead of night.......

Under MY Lilac Tree

A wee house built in the dead of night
I'm shocked, amused, it's a sweet delight
The Elves moved in, the skunk moved out -
I'm lovin' the Elves without a doubt.
If you take the time to peek inside
When in the garden the Elves do hide
A table, and chairs; two little beds
A place to rest their weary heads.
Two little Elves sat in the trees,
Colouring leaves to throw at me
There were leaves of yellow and brilliant red
Soon to be thrown upon my head.
Can you SPOT the Elves?
They laugh and giggle and play all day
They'll fix up your garden and find new ways
To repay your kindness - you will see,
By allowing Elves to live - under your Lilac Tree.
                by SaucyKod


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

:):) Awww...I just loved the poem and yes, of course I saw the tiny elves high in the tree.
My little wheelbarrow garden needs some pansies added for winter. I had to put it under the patio because it got so hot. Today is finally a much cooler day.

The tiny house with the little bed is so cute. I had such a great time fixing up that little garden.
I have to bring it back to it's former glory after such a hot summer. I'll take photo's when I (if ever) get it done.
I don't seem to have much incentive to do much.

I enlarged the pictures so I could see every single detail! :)

to do anything.

Red said...

Enjoyed your poem and photos that go along with the post.
This would be awesome to do for little kids???

DJan said...

YOU wrote that exquisite poem? Oh, Saucy, you are the best! :-)

KarenG said...

So whimsical! Makes me miss my old house where I did things like this in secret corners.

Red Nomad OZ said...

Gorgeous! But you're a bit behind the times up there - we had autumn colours 6 months ago!!!!