Sunday, July 8, 2012

Eh, What's that?

Eh - An interjection popular in Canadian speech; according to linguists, a "politeness marker."
(Canadians are very polite)
Adding "Eh" to a sentence can indicate the speaker's willingness to accept dissent or to invite further discussion. It can be added at the end of a statement or question, or it can be used as an affirmative. For example, for a question, "We're going for lunch, eh?" or an affirmative, "it's pretty neat, eh?" Basically, it can be added in anywhere you want, to add a bit of Canadian emphasis to your expressions.
The interpretation of "eh" as carrying meaning beyond other routine interjections (huh?) is apparently uniquely Canadian. "Ascertaining the comprehension, continued interest, agreement, etc., of the person or persons addressed" is how the Canadian Oxford Dictionary puts it.
STATEMENT OF FACT - It goes over here, eh
COMMANDS - Open the window, eh.....- Think about it, eh
EXCLAMATIONS - What a game, eh!
QUESTIONS - What are they trying to do, eh
TO MEAN 'PARDON' - Eh, What did you say?
IN FIXED EXPRESSIONS - Thanks, eh............- I know, eh
INSULTS - You're a real snob, eh
ACCUSATIONS - You took the last piece, eh
TELLING A STORY - This guy is up on the 27th floor, eh, and then 
he gets out on the ledge, EH....mmmm.....Eh - then the Mounties arrive....
There are many people that wonder how Canada was named.
One of my favourite .........STORIES......... is that the letters of the alphabet were thrown in a bag, and the first one to be picked was "C", eh, then "N", eh, and finally "D", eh! 
"Eh" - the official first letter of the Canadian Alphabet :)

Presented to you in Canadian colour.......
By SaucyKod, Eh :)

Oot n Aboot on BellIsle Bay, Eh...........
Eh, Yah, the dogs too, Eh!!!!


Anonymous said...

Eh, like KOOL !

Red said...

All I needed to know about eh. Eh?
Thanks for taking time to write a very humorous post on "Eh."

DJan said...

Oh, what fun, eh! I loved it, eh! You are just the coolest Canadian ever, eh... :-)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

And now I know all there is to know about "eh" but surely there is more . . .

Caroline said...

I am so glad for the explanation! Growing up 20 miles from the Quebec border on Lake Champlain, I had lots of Canadian friends who were at their camps on the lake when we were, Eh was heard lots :o)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said... say "eh" a LOT. The reason I say it is because I am losing my darned hearing and have to have poor PH repeat himself..over and over. He talks and I say "eh??"
Cute post! you know, I have not been posting much of late..and just tonight went back to make sure I had not missed any comments and ran across yours to me. You very sweetly called me the Martha Stewart of gardening! THANK YOU!!
How sweet of you to say that.
You make folks feel so good about themselves. I am so glad and proud to have you as a dear blogger friend!
Many hugs!!

Gary said...

Great post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Jim said...

Fun shots, eh. :)
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Sally in WA said...

Too darn funny, eh! Living close to the Canadian border, this American finds herself saying "eh" too many times, but who cares, eh?

chubskulit said...

fun captures! Have a happy weekend and happy sky watching.

Sky shots. at my page, your comment will be greatly appreciated.

Jackie/Jake said...

This is a great expression. I never notice myself saying "eh" until I am out of the country and then I catch myself all the time.
Earlier this year while in Europe I had 2 people ask me to say "out" so that I could prove I was Canadian. I had never realized we said it differently!

Jackie/Jake said...

P.S. I'm your latest follower as I love finding fellow Canadian bloggers.

Buttons said...

I loved this being Canadian is cool EH? I love it. from another Canadian girl B

Rob-bear said...

Such a wonderfully detailed explanation, eh? I'll have to bookmark this, so I can refer others to it if they want to understand this delightful Canadianism. Eh?

Right, then. Eh.

Rob-bear said...

Blogger devoured my fist attempt at this, so I will try again.

This is a great post, eh! I'm going to have to bookmark it, or something, so I can refer friends to this wonderful explanation of an important Canadianism. Eh?