Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cheryl n Harley

Hi Yah Blog Buds n Bets - Been having some modem problems not being able to connect for a spell and travelling aboot the countryside, so now am operating with new modem and connection seems to be working well - 5 BARS :) I have been catching some of your posts here n there, so up to date and moving on.......yesterday morning ..................

.....Met this nice lady (Cheryl from Springfield NB) in front of the bank and had a great chat with her. This is her husbands Harley. Look at all those pipes glistening in the sun - Eeeeh, this is beautiful and in pristine condition. 
Cheryl, hope you n hubby had a great weekend meeting cross border destination and safe journey home.
BTW, Cheryl drives a 500cc Honda Shadow (No, she did not bring it on the journey). Yah, its OK to drool :) 


Red said...

Awesome machine!
Good to see you back!

Gail said...

Awesome bike and it's always fun to meet someone new.

Five must be in heaven.

LadyCat said...

Wow...that is a shiny machine on wheels! Love your bloga nd I'm off to look around : )

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Whenever we are traveling, our prime concern is how strong the Internet signal is in the room and not whether the TV works. Being able to get a food signal is a very good thing so welcome back. Never been on a motorcycle of any sort and never had the desire either.