Saturday, June 9, 2012

12 Hours Of Hope

Relay For Life - 2012
Jacob Grover, 2, is the youngest SURVIVOR
at this year's Relay For Life
Congratulations to ALL who are celebrating
10 years of 12 Hours Of Hope
The Relay For Life starts at dusk and ends at dawn. The Light and darkness of the day and night parallel the physical effects, emotions and mental state of a cancer patient while undergoing and coming to the end of their treatment.
Jodie n SaucyKod
" Sixteen - driving, friends, fun, lifeguarding, swim team, prom, limp, OUCH, physical therapy, x-ray, leg, tumour, brace, crutches, Denver, life threatening, limb salvage, amputation, death, life, WHAT?
Scared, biopsy, pathology doctors, nurses, Broviac, blood, drugs, bone scan, CAT scan, MRI, STOP, ENOUGH, FEAR, FAMILY, SUPPORT, WAITING, RESULTS, WHY ME?
Dad n Daughter
Oncologist, osteogenicsarcoma, protocol, photographer, Katy, pictures, chemotherapy, Adriamyacin, Cisplatin, vomit, sick, blonde, hair loss, BALD, CRY, ATTITUDE, hats, scarves, pediatrics, third floor, new friends, Jason, Marco, Jovannah, surgery, four hours, 100% tumor kill, wake up, pain, GOOD NEWS, save leg, total knee replacement, scar, RECOVERY, HEALING, no crutches, no brace, two legs, two feet, standing, walking, chemo finished, alive, growing hair, high school, graduation, college, pre-med, doctor, ME, HEALTHY, lifeguarding, friends, fun, eighteen.
My name is Mandy Blumenshine and I am a SURVIVOR. "


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Here on the VA eastern shore, there's also a Relay for Life event but it's usually held in late summer.

Red said...

Looks like you had a fun time and at the same time learned about cancer and supported the cause of cure and support.
Very well expressed.

DJan said...

Beautiful, beautiful, inspiring and tearful, Saucy! Thank you for sharing these beautiful people with me! :-)

Genie said...

I love the way you all do your Relay for Life. It is so festive. Your used of nouns and adjectives in the writings were wonderful. My sis ter dies of breast cancer. Your header is sososo cute. I love it. Take care and have a nice Sunday. genie

Friko said...

Ten years later: My name is Friko and I am a survivor.

Thank you for helping.

Red Nomad OZ said...

You're SO my hero! I love that you get involved with all these worthwhile events, then educate us slackers who just travel around the country ...

You're an inspiration!

SaucyKod said...

BEATRICE P. BOYD - Our Relay is always in June and the weather is always unpredictable in June - that's why this date is chosen. Its reallly great to hear you also have an event on the VA eastern shore.
RED: We always make it a fun time - golly, its like a 3 ring circus, with all the dancing, singing, games and everything that carries you through the night. Thank you so much.
DJAN: These are beautiful people DJan - There are many that we do not see till this time next year, as the families and friends come from all over Canada to be home for this special event. There's a lotta hugging going on :)
GENIE: Thankyou, we like to be festive and for many, it is a celebration of life, for some it is the beginning of the fight and also a time to remember those we lost to the battle. So sorry to hear about your Sister - if she was anything like you, then she would have been quite a gal. Hi to TM lol
FRIKO: You have just made my day - your simple words have put the largest smile on my face and warmest touch in my heart. Thankyou
RED NOMAD OZ: Oh, dear Red, I am not so much a hero, but I do thank you for the compliment. The true heroes are the ones that fight and DO NOT GIVE UP. Now, about "you slackers", you are an inspiration to us, for we get to read about your travels and that gives us even more inspiration to be well and get OUT THERE WITH YOU :) Thanks Red, you're a peach.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

My heart thanks you...just the terminology is difficult to even read..but thank you so much for caring.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Again...I just read your comment..and you are the dearest person ever!