Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Still Learning.............

Well, I just realized that I have been writing my posts out in M/S word world and then have been doing the copy n paste thing into my posts. Well, I just went into read one of my previous posts and the final product as far as type font is horrible. My error, as my posts on my end seem to be all in different types and sizes, which leads me to think -      h-m-m-m-m........... I must type the entire post in blogger and then, the settings for type fonts I have scheduled and saved should all appear the same throughout the post.
My apologies for the rough edges of incorrect type fonts in any previous posts...............and you are all too polite to even have mentioned it.
Any thoughts on this?
Thanks a Bunch :)


Red said...

I didn't notice the different fonts. I use the blogger fonts. the trouble is they only have about 8 fonts. there must be some way to get more.
I will watch the comments as I'm sure someone will have the info.

DJan said...

You need to go into the Template section under Design and then get to "Advanced" to set the font you want to be dominant in the post. If you then want to change a section of text to something else, you can override it. But otherwise you end up with pretty much of a mess. I know. These days I write everything right in the blogger window and then Preview to see what I've got. Hope this helps, Miss Saucy! You can write to my email if you want to know more...

SaucyKod said...

Red: Thanks, I did notice there is not much to choose in fonts right in blogger page, unless you go to Design and pick advanced and set your desired template - my error was to type it all in microsoft word and then copy n paste into blogger - guess I cannot do that unless I want a mess of fonts. I think the answer as DJan advised is to preset your fonts and type new post right in blogger, not copy n paste from microsoft word.
DJan - Thankyou, I have gone into the template section under design and did all that for my Blog Post, etc. And i did "otherwise" and ended up with pretty much of a mess, after copying and pasting from microsoft word. From now on , even if I do my research and complete something - it will be right in the blogger window. I guess I must be getting better at this to notice this slight error in type fonts. haha Thanks again - ur a peach :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Well...I never noticed a thing..Looks fine to me! And, yes, you most certainly MUST post about your gnome garden. Heavens, I need ideas!
I'm still not certain I understand what your found wrong with your font??
Can't you just go to "design" and choose your font, size and color and type it directly to your post..
I don't understand why you have to copy and past at all. ??? I'm confused.
You do have blogger...right?
I hope I'm not confusing you...oh dear...not meaning to do that at all.

I've just never known anyone to have to copy and past to their posts..
I just read DJan's comment and she is exactly right. Are you on the new blogger format yet?

:) Hugs...(sheesh...I hope to heavens..I haven't said too much!.

SaucyKod said...

Thanks Mona and I agree 100% - Oh, silly me, I guess I just started with typing a possible post in M/S Word, when I first started posting, as it was (then) easier to work on a large page and see everything and blogger has such a small space to type. I thought at that time, it would be easier to do the other way. Prepare my post, still see everything I am typing and make changes - if I hadn't noticed the type phonts myself, I would not have wondered why my type phonts were not what I had created and saved in Design. I did discover that I should be writing directly in blogger when creating posts and then everything is A-OK, so I agree with you all and thanks for your comment. Now, that I have recognized my error, I will be typing directly in Blogger. I appreciate ALL comments.
I am not on the new blogger format yet, although I have gone over and played with dynamic views. I really do not care for the display page that comes up with all your info on it - I find it very dull and boring. For all the talk about how wonderful the new format is, one would think Blogger would have offered you something spectacular instead of a Tid Bit of a change.
Have a great weekend Mona - we are having a long weekend here, with Monday celebrating Queen Victoria's BDay - yep , its a holiday for Canadians.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I get the biggest kick out of the pictures of you. Love them all. What a grin you have..makes me smile every time I see it. :)
Our home in Maine is just 8 miles from Prince Edward Island..did I tell you that? Probably..