Friday, May 18, 2012

Spring Poppins n Victoria's BDay.......

Little spring poppins everywhere in the small garden - early phlox blooming and beginning to bloom. Went to "Shale Highway" and picked up some loose "Shale" and repaired wall in small garden - hopefully this little area in front will be in bloom soon. Soloman Seals are almost ready to bloom, tulips up n out - other tall n small plants just sprouting - some herbs here as well.
PJ is most patient, waiting for Mommy to take her photo - I think only the promise of a "treat" is why she is behaving so well.

" A Little TidBit of Info "
Long weekend here in Canada with the celebration of Queen Victoria's Birthday on Monday.
Queen Victoria ( 1819-1901 ) was the monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and she was also known as "Empress of India". her reign of 63 years is longer than that of any other British monarch.
Her reign is also referred to as the Victorian era - the young Princess took over the throne at the tender age of 18. Her nickname "The Grandmother of Europe" was earned by her  9 children and 34 grandchildren, who married into Royal and noble families across the continent,  tying them together. She married Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha in 1840.

Have a great long weekend - forecast is sunshine and lots of it :)


Gail said...

Wonderful pictures and a great bit of history. Happy Holiday.

Gail said...

Gosh, I don't know if I hit publish so I may be repeating myself. I love history. Have a great holiday.

DJan said...

Thanks for reminding me of the Canadian holiday. I will stay away from the border crossings, which will be very busy. Good information, I enjoyed your picture of the sweet garden, too. With the added bonus of little PJ. :-)

Red said...

I like your spirit where you give an account of The weekends name sake Queen Victoria. I started a biography of Queen Victoria but did not finish it.

Friko said...

Hi SaucyKod,

(you'll have to explain the name to me), thank you for visiting my blog.

What a bright and cheerful place this is, like a ray of sunshine on this grey, damp, miserable day in Queen Vic's remaining acres. Our present queen, Lizzie, is doing her 60th jubilee this year, so not long to go to beat her forebear.

SaucyKod said...

Gail - Hi n thanks for the great letter - I promise to write one back. Thinkin bout yas :)
DJan - You r most welcome. I thought our border would be busy but nary a line in sight?? Most unusual. Hey, every photo that has PJ in it is already a bonus, eh. Thanks :)
Red - Thanks for nice comment - I kinda like to let others know about our holidays and it makes the holiday itself so much nicer than "just another long weekend for WHAT ??? WOW, a biography - hope you finish it - sounds like something I would read. Cheers and nice weekend to you :)
Friko - Well, thankyou so much for dropping over here and thank you for the wonderful comment - it sure was nice of you. Hope you will bounce back now and then. I hope to read more on your site as well. Well, let me see now "SaucyKod" - Quite simple really - the Saucy part is real easy, cause some folks tell me I tend to be a wee bit saucy - good enough. "Kod" - my Dad was a fisherman/carpenter and when not working at carpentry, he fished out in the Bay of Fundy, near Saint John and Shediac New Brunswick, Canada. He caught a lot of codfish and I love cod - fish. Cod by itself is rather dull, so I added the letter " K " to make it kinda cute. There is more than one person in household so added the "Z" on the end.........and VOILA = SaucyKodz. Wow, 60th jubilee - didn't realize it was this year - I am sure I will see some of that browsing the internet. Cheers n take care.

DJan said...

Saucy, your "You Might Also Like" is working JUST FINE! Congratulations on adding another cool extra. I just might have to do that myself. :-)

Friko said...

Hi SaucyKod,

Thank you for joining and commenting on my poetry blog. Before you get disappointed I would like to repeat what I say on the site above the commentary box, that the site is my plaything only and that, although I read them and enjoy them, I don't react to comments on it and that the site doesn't follow any other blogs. Friko's World is the main blog and active enough to keep me fully busy.

But, as you asked a question, I will answer it here: the poem is by Tess Gallagher, the year under the name means that she was born in 1943 and is still alive.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Great pictures of your wonderful little garden!

I adore the way your little PJ struck a pose for ya! What a sweetie!

Happy Holiday...that was very informative.

God bless ya and have an awesome day!!! :o)