Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beyond The Summit's Peak -

Medicine Lake, Alberta, Canada
Beyond The Summit's Peak

The stars and moon so often shine
I often think that some are mine
I even sit through still of night -
For a glance - at my own northern light.

Mountains high and valley's low,
Within the crevice - lost below
River's ending - never hides
The rise and fall of each new tide.

Then - let us come together
And let us often speak
Of love and life together
Beyond The Summit's Peak.

Let us praise the love of life
And those of other feathers -
Let us never raise foul words,
Against the coming weather.

For there will be a gathering
Of new and young and olde
Brought before a council -
Of which, I so am told.

Giving love and laughter -
Teaching all the ways,
Of everlasting friendships,
And peaceful, loving days.

Prince Edward Island - Photo by Lilly 


DJan said...

Lovely, Lilly! I would hit the "like" button if I had one... :-)

Friko said...

Is your mind as collected and peaceful as these verses? If so, you are an exceptional lady.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

When I finished reading this..I wanted to laugh and cry all at the same time. Thank you for sharing it..because it said so much. I am so grateful when I find others think like I not judge, see through and past what is right what can and should be ..and utimately will be.
I loved this post..but then I always love your posts.
P.S. and thank you for your kind comment on my "shoes and barrettes" post. I am not a fashionable person, live in my jeans..etc. but sometimes one has to say.."what the heck!!"

Short poems said...

This is such a beautiful poem...I had to reread a few have captured the essence and spirituality so well :)

Take care

Red said...

I really like the poem and photo. We are led to think further than the obvious.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh...nothin'...just wandering around of those coffee? Aw well...I'll just keep movin'.. :):)
*wanders off whistlin' "I'm a travelin' man" I mean woman... it's late..

SaucyKod said...

DJan - Thank you so much - I would do the same "Like", when I read your posts. Merci :)
Friko - I like to feel that my mind is as collected and peaceful as when I write. This poem has very special meaning for me.
Wsprsweetly - Thank you Mona - I FEEL everything that I put on paper - doesn't matter what it is; there is just something deep inside you that expresses certain feelings. Your expression simply sums it all up.
Short poems - Thankyou for the compliment - I have returned your visit and found your Blog of poetry so interesting, I shall be back to read more.
Red - Thanks for the great comment and I do believe that one never stops thinking and therefore the mind expands beyond the obvious.
Wsprsweetly - Am tuning in late, and no coffee here either - did you find anything interesting in blogland? And girl, are you singing - NICE :)

ellen abbott said...

That's a beautiful place.

Thanks for visiting me.

Genie said...

What a beautiful bit of poetry. Very touching. And your picture is heavenly. SO beautiful. Thanks for the sweet works about Eloise. No one can figure out that she is the apple of my eye. The boys are really happy to be OUT of St. Andrews. It was four years of intensely difficult work. Very strict! Both boys want to be chemical engineers. Me, all I want to do is REALLY retire :-) Take care. genie

Anonymous said...

Quirky and cute - Charming and warm . Think I must come back - some great posts here- Elliot