Monday, April 16, 2012

Right Here In Our Little Town.....

Ganong Bros., Limited  is Canada’s oldest Candy Company. It was founded by James and Gilbert Ganong in 1873 in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, where the candy factory is still based to this day. The primary product is boxed chocolates. The Company also provides many chocolates for Laura Secord Stores.

Ganong Bros. Limited has been one of the chocolate industry’s most important companies.
The Ganong factory has what is believed to be the oldest operating candy machine in the world. It is a lozenge machine that has produced lozenges since 1889 when it was installed on the third floor of this building. During a factory fire in 1903 two such machines crashed through the floor and were badly damaged. Factory mechanics were able to salvage enough parts from the two to rebuild one machine and it is still going strong at the new Ganong plant today and produces more than three million lozenges each week.
Lozenge Machine
Hand Dipped Chocolates In The Making

Arthur Ganong used to go fishing with his company's employee, George Ensor. They used to put chunks of chocolate in their pockets for their snack, but it made their hands and pockets very messy, so they had an idea and wrapped the chocolate in cellophane. Later, they started making long moulded pieces of chocolate with nuts. Any left over chocolate was passed along to the local kids. One grateful little girl would always say “ you’re a pal of mine”.
This made a business miracle and they started selling the individually wrapped chocolate bar for five cents in 1910. In 1920 they began using the brand name “Pal-O-Mine”, for their chocolate bar. To this day “Pal-O-Mine” remains Ganong’s best selling bar.
The “Ganong’s” were the first company to introduce a heart-shaped box of chocolates in North America. The heart-shaped boxes were originally used for presents over the Christmas season before it also succeeded around Valentine’s Day.

Ganong’s introduced hard candy on a stick to Canada in l895. A stick was pressed into a warm piece of candy and left behind as the candy hardened --- thus the All-Day Sucker was born. Ganong, at this time, produced it’s All-Day Suckers in several flavours, including strawberry, lemon, peppermint, licorice and orange.
Ganong's long history is showcased at the Chocolate Museum (Le Musée du Chocolat in French) which opened in 1999 in St. Stephen, New Brunswick. The museum is itself located in the old factory building. Exhibits describe the Ganong brothers and the company, and include hands-on and interactive displays about the process of making chocolate and candies historically and currently, and a display of historic chocolate boxes and antique candy-making equipment. Visitors can also taste chocolate samples.

The Store Front still looks the same today.
In conjunction with the community, the museum co-hosts the St. Stephen Chocolate Festival, which has been held every summer since 1985. 
In 2000 the town was officially registered as "Canada's Chocolate Town".


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