Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Easter Weekend

Yeah, I even got my own "Hoodie"



Genie said...

OMGOODNESS! This is the cutest picture of the day. I cannot help but giggle. Here I am prison matron of the naughty kids on their last day before break begins tomorrow and I am supposed to be mean....can;t do it. You have blown my cover. I wish I could give my challenged Schnauzer a tranquilizer and then dress him up like this. It would really be a hoot. I have knitted him multiple sweaters for the winters, but he goes out, gets them caught on something, and he comes back home cold and shaky. I cannot win for losing. Happy Easter. genie

Anonymous said...

PJ Nice Easter outfit, really cool. Happy Easter

Uncle Kenny

Gail said...

Hope your weekend is wonderful.

DJan said...

The same to you, dear Saucy One. I love that picture, and I'm still smiling! Hugs to you and yours. :-)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

What a doggy doll! the little ears hoodies are adorable! I hope your Easter was wondeful!

Thanks for understanding about my post. I was rather worried after I wrote it, that it might be misunderstood in some way. You have to be careful when blogging and I wasn't born careful I'm afraid.
It's just a view of how folks operate in this life..but harder to put into words than I thought it would be.
:) anyway..thanks!!

DJan said...

Hi Saucy! I couldn't find your email, so I'm writing here to say of course you can share my photo with anybody you wish to. Thanks for your nice comments on my blogs! You make me happy, girl.

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great Easter!

About your comment--IcyBC is still blogging over at She did leave a redirection link on her last post some months ago.

She is very busy taking care of an elderly mom, so she gave me full control of Dances Of Dreams to do what I want. Technically and legally, she is still the owner of this domain, and I have desire to start anew, as I am just helping out for the time being.

Thanks for the warm welcome, and visiting!