Sunday, April 1, 2012

12 months..........

12 Months of days have gone by - 12 months of varied topics, some knowledgeable, some cute, some funny, some just plain silly. Looking back at over 100 posts, it's surprises me; to imagine I had that much to post about. I think about all the hours that have passed by in the preparation of my posts. This was a year of profound learning about blogging. Even throughout the frustration, I find I truly enjoyed it. 
Above center is actually "Family Crest"
I have spent many hours of research in personal experience, reading, photography, watching/creating videos, experimenting and testing until I had what I thought was "the Readible post". I acquired tons of tips and ideas by reading many other blogs and actually had fun learning.  It was hard work behind the scenes, but I feel quite happy with my year end results; - and I am ready to learn much more - I also realized that its not just about creating "the Readible post” - it's also JUST darn interesting, to experience something new from another City, Town or Village.
I think of the friends I have met along the way and I think of the “just over 11,000 readers or browsers”, that have stopped by. I think about my “Loyal Followers” and I do appreciate your numerous comments on my writings, photos/videos.
I feel like I have known some of you for a decade, in reading and responding to YOUR posts. The time that I have spent building and contributing to each post sometimes seemed like silly stuff, however; looking back, I find I have totally enjoyed some of the "silliest stuff" best.  
The GIRLZ of Green Gables :)
Thank you for introducing me to your little corners of the world. We are really not that different in how each of us blog about the things in our lives that we enjoy, or the things that count; or make a difference, or the things in life that describe us best or make us who we are. Isn't life deliciously interesting?

Thanks a Bunch...........


DJan said...

Oh, you are SO welcome. I have enjoyed your posts, and you, very much. Happy April! And I am privileged to be one of your dedicated followers. :-)

Red Nomad OZ said...

Happy Blog Birthday, dear Lilly!! I share your thoughts on blogging - and after just over 2 years, I can't imagine life without it!!!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

The smile on your face in the photo of you in this post, is just delightful!
I want to thank you for stopping by my blog and comforting me with your story. I just have times I go through that I hurt so deeply that I have to write about him.
43 years was a long time to be married. Yes, I think you are right..but I think he only visits now and then and knows that I am pretty much ok. I probably will never, ever really let go. But..I am happy. Honest I am.
Thank you for taking the time to give something to me I needed.

Gail said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I love Ann of Green Gables. I cry every time Richard Farnsworth dies, no matter how many times I it's gonna be different the next time.

We are having record highs here, almost ninty today.

Genie said...

I loved this post. You put into work so many of the thought and feelings I have had this past year. I thought I was way to old to learn as much as I have learned in 12 months. I, like you, read, study, watch, over and over and over again. We both have had such fun so it has ben well worth out time. Like those Green Gables gals. I little granddaughter makes me think of Anne with an E because of her fancy and overaged expressive word use. Thanks for all your sweet comments...they beam a lot. Sorry I did not have my name on your follower’s list...I did correct it tonight. Take care and have a good week. genie

Gail said...

I'm bacckkkkk! I cannot reply to your comment which comes directly to my reply comment blogger is your return address.

I am here to humbly say, Thank you for your kind comment on Mag 111. I love these prompts.

I've written for my pleasure ever since I could write. I have no book in the works since I can only seem to produce shorts. I have played with the idea and even dreamed of a title but have not pursued it.

Thank you once again. You have made my day!

Anonymous said...

I hope that I would enjoy blogging too, as of now...confusing and frustrating with trying to find my way around..

You have fantastic photos on your blog!