Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Heat Wave


Weather records were shattered all over New Brunswick yesterday and again today. 
The hotspot today is St. Stephen where the temperature hit 24.6 C degrees. According to my thermostat, it is 85 Degrees in my back yard @ 6:15p.m. this evening.

It’s never been this warm at this time of the year in the province, according to Environment Canada. The heat wave is “unusual” and is being caused by a mass of warm air from the United States.
At this time of year we are usually dealing with wind chill readings, not humidex readings. However, we are warned that wintry weather isn’t over just yet. So lets just enjoy it, ponder about it and keep the thought of snow next week......... way in that back file somewhere - the experts say that it is uncommon to see a mini heat wave last so long and to be so intense at this time of the year. 
Usually, this time of the year we are up to our knees in snow, or still skating on the local pond. Imagine - muscle shirts and tank top weather happening right in our little town in March - I'll take it :)


DJan said...

Well, those of us in the Pacific Northwest are experiencing rather normal early spring weather: rain. And wind. So I am just a bit envious of your unusual weather. I''ll be watching, though. :-)

Anonymous said...

P.J. Says the pool is opening April 1st the year. She can hardly wait.

Uncle Kenny