Thursday, March 22, 2012

Heat Wave II

Well, we shattered "Heat Wave" records yesterday and just let me tell you it was much warmer today. Never, in this area, during what we are supposed to be calling WINTER, have we had such high temps :)
Today,  was a balmy 88+. 

One of "THEM" SaucyKodZ
Another great day to walk along the river, which flows approx. 5 minutes from the house, so an approx 45 min walk this morning at 8a.m., another walk around 11a.m. and yet another this evening. What a glorious day to be "OOT N ABOOT".

Thanks for posing Paul :)
Folks are out strolling with each other, their kiddies n their pets. One would swear its just a regular sight; like on a....... "WARM SUMMERS NIGHT"  :)

As I finish this post, the clouds have moved in to replace that beautiful sunshine and our forecast this evening.....Thunder N least it's not........ SNOW ?...........YET ?


DJan said...

That is just downright spooky! That's almost ninety degrees F. In MARCH! Wow! But beautiful pictures nevertheless. :-)

Red Nomad OZ said...

Can't believe you're actually warmer than where I am downunder! And summer's only just finished down here!!