Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Song For The Mira

The Mira River is located in southeastern Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia,Canada

With a meander length of approximately 55 km (34 mi), the Mira has a very slow flow rate. The river's source is traced to a series of lakes clustered round n aboot (about) Victoria Bridge, Nova Scotia.

Flowing past the communities of Marion Bridge and Albert Bridge, the river discharges through the “Mira Gut” at the community of the same name into the Mira Bay.

Mira Gut Beach

The river's width and calm waters make it ideal for boating, swimming, fishing and other recreational activities. Several campgrounds and parks, along with the Mira Boat Club at Albert Bridge make the Mira River a great vacation destination. Popular swimming spots include Marion Bridge, Mira Gut Beach, Sanagree Island, Mira Water Park, and Albert Bridge.

The Mira region is also home to the Two Rivers Wildlife Park.

Wagon Ride

Ski in Winter, hike in Summer past Wildlife
The Mira River was the inspiration for local songwriter Allister MacGillivray’s Song for the Mira”. Over the years, it has become a renowned folk song, that has been recorded by many artists and translated into several different languages.