Monday, December 12, 2011

Puppy Jack's Letter To Santa

Dear Santa:

It's been a wild year - HOWEVER - I've been a very good Dog....... just ask anybody; especially my friends Kate, Toby, Caesar or Rusty, Daisy, Bailey n Duchess or my cousins, Marcus n Caesar.


I will especially try to be good before Christmas and not wag my tail so much when I am happy and knock things over...........and that is very hard, cause I'm happy most all the time.

I would like a NEW BALL, cause one of my friends keeps biting holes in mine and then they just don't roll or bounce good any more. Once my ball went over the fence, and I barked and barked, and its still on the other side of the fence and Mommy didn't even know.

There is a big black dog that runs free and comes by my house all the time and he grabbed my ball, from the other side of the fence and ran up the street with it. "gruff, gruff" - I don't think he knew he had my broken ball.

All I really want Santa, is a brand new ball with my name "Jack's Ball" written on it.

I would also enjoy a new toy to play with - I like green and yellow toys best, that make lots of noise. How about a new bone to gnaw on or any of the leftover (in the freezer T-Bones) that I know Mommy freezes just for me. I know there has to be at least one left. Maybe that's my Christmas Bone?

I can't think of too much more that I would like, except to sleep on my Mommy's bed MORE, and not just because I have had "THE BATH".

Another year with my loving humans and playing with my friends would be the best present ever SANTA, if you get too busy and miss my house.

Merry Christmas TO You, SANTA - Puppy Jack