Monday, November 28, 2011

Hiking @ The Top Of The Forest

The Coolest Aerial Activity In New Brunswick, Canada, eh !

Hiking, Climbing, Swinging  - What A RUSH !

Monkey Swing, Monkey Play, Monkey in the Trees All Day..

Fun, freedom and personal reward is what TreeGO is all about. This aerial adventure  offers a diverse and exciting experience within the comfort of knowing you're attached to continuous safety cables.  No matter what your age or fitness level, TreeGO is  designed for your pleasure in a unique outdoor environment.

TreeGO allows you to move through a series of surprising and progressively challenging tree to tree activities. With multiple activities in courses for children, teens and adults, you get to decide how far and how fast to exercise your agility, endurance and confidence.

In the highest courses, you can choose to ascend up to 70 feet up in the trees, discovering new levels of focus and physical skill. Share this thrilling experience with friends or family and be rewarded with a sense of well-being and great memories.

TreeGO forests are filled with laughter! Go TreeGO and "Find Your Monkey In The Trees" today.

I have admired reading other blogs in regard to Mountain Climbing, Hiking, etc.,  and photography from such; however, at the top of the TREE, you experience a thrill like no other. The best part of all this, is that TreeGO exists a very short drive from my back door, here in New Brunswick. I am definitely looking into this next summer.