Thursday, October 20, 2011

There Is Not A Dead Skunk In The Middle Of My Road !

SKUNK - story goes like this:
For the past two weeks, we have been getting whiffs of skunk smell. Also, for the past two weeks, the wind has been from the south, which is really strange for this time of year as usually we have a north wind. Off and on all day we would get this smell and thought there was a skunk under the porch, or under the deck or under the barn in the back yard? Anyway, off and on there was this horrible smell and eventually checked everything out here and found no skunk.
Then, we were talking to neighbour and he had the same dilemma, trying to locate the smell - he thought it was on his property under something - NOPE. Then, as a group effort, everyone stuck their Great Detective Noses in the air and tried to locate where the smell was coming from. Eventually the Great Nose Detectives made their way to the property, right across the street, and closed in on the barn, which was really smelly and I mean RANK SMELLY - YUCH !!
The Great Nose Detectives thought the skunk had sprayed and was stuck/hiding under the barn; they kept walking around the barn and would come close and then jump back, thinking the skunk was trapped and couldn't get out and might spray them.
(Quite comical to watch)
One Nose Detective says to me, "Do you have a camera"? I go get my camera, and very slowly approach the barn, squat down to the edge of the barn board and prepare to take a photo with my flash on and at the same time say to them "If I get sprayed, you guys are gonna buy me a new camera - Yadda, Yadda, Yadda".
Anyway, I get the photo taken; jump back up out of the way really fast (which is really fast, when you're thinking SKUNK) and then turn the camera to photo display on screen……….. and… guess WHAT - YES.....there is a skunk under the barn and guess what else..................... 
- it's DEAD and rotting, with flies and the whole works YUCH, YUCH, YUCH, YUCH !!

So then, the mystery is over, we all know where the smell is coming from and we are definitely not going any further with this discovery; except to leave a note on neighbour’s door to let them know there is a dead skunk under their barn. We allowed the boyz to handle this one; they eventually got the skunk out and into garbage bags, and whisked away to dumpsite UNKNOWN.  

Oh Mister Man (as my Dad would say) The Dead Skunk - S T U N K !!
Aah, the excitement on this Street never was your day?

For those of you that might be wondering,
the skunk was not Pepe Le Pew :)