Thursday, July 14, 2011

Starry, Starry Night

It is a truly sublime spectacle, when in the stillness of the night, in an un-clouded sky, the stars, like the world's choir, rise and set, and as if it were divide into two portions, - the one - belonging to the earth, is silent in the perfect stillness of the night; while the other alone comes forth in sublimity, pomp, and majesty.

The realm of the sun
Viewed in this light, the starry heavens truly exercise a moral influence over us; and who can readily stray into the paths of immorality if one has been accustomed to live amidst such thoughts and feelings, and frequently to dwell upon them?

Giant dust clouds in space hold the chemical seeds
of new stars and planetary systems
How we are entranced by the simple splendors of this wonderful drama of nature.

Wilhelm von Humboldt.