Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lepreau Falls, New Brunswick, Canada

Lepreau Falls is one of New Brunswick’s best “drive by” waterfalls. Located within the tiny hamlet of Lepreau, this site is well marked and advertised. Ask locals for directions if required, as the area is well known. Picnic tables and walkways along with washroom facilities make it an excellent site for family visit. 
The Lepreau River flows southward through the Fundy Coastal region, a heavily forested area and empties into the Bay of Fundy. The headwaters are located mainly in granite bedrock. Also, bogs and wetlands are not uncommon throughout the watershed and these areas tend to be naturally acidic. This condition readily leach iron and other minerals from soil turning the water a caramel colour.   

Cool off in these shallow rock pools - I have :)
The name is of French origin and is a derivative of, la pereau, for “little rabbit.” The contemporary spelling has prevailed since the mid-nineteenth century. The rapids above the main falls produces a surface of white caps and “eddy’s”, which culminates with a fantastic roar over an 8 meter rocky ledge into the Bay of Fundy at its base. In large rivers with high flow rates next to an obstruction, "eddy walls" can occur. An eddy wall is formed when the height of the river is substantially higher than the level of the water in the eddy behind the obstruction.  

With a good pair of hiking boots,
you can actually walk across at height of dry season

This series of waterfalls spans the entire width of the Lepreau river and is truly breathtaking. You can also appreciate this natural attraction from an observation deck just down river from the falls. The pools within and below the falls, make for an excellent dip during those warm summer days.

Rapid run-off in Spring