Friday, July 29, 2011

Eagles in New Brunswick

I am sure most everyone around this area has spotted many Eagles n nests. On a jaunt to Greens Point Lighthouse, Letete, NB, back in April and again a few weeks ago, we spotted the Grande Eagle, good view – great feeding area, with the Bay of Fundy n salmon cages right handy !

The bald eagle’s head is actually covered with white feathers. It takes approx 5 years for the head and tail feathers to turn white. Baby eagles (eaglet, chick, fledgling) are partially covered with down, however, when they leave the nest, they have dark feathers all over.

The female can be one third larger than the male. Wing span is approx 8 feet and can weigh 11 – 15 lbs.

Eagles mate for life. The female may lay from one to three eggs and raises one brood a year. The Eagle parents will take turns sitting on the eggs. It takes four weeks for the egg to hatch. Eaglets grow slowly and are usually 2 ½ months old before attempting flying/soaring.
Eagles normally eat fish, although will eat snakes and smaller birds/rodents/rabbits.

Eagles have great eyesight that allows them to see for up to one to one and one half miles away. They can dive at 100 miles per hour.