Monday, July 11, 2011


ATLANTICADE is Canada's original five day motorcycle festival that started in 2007. It is the largest motorcycle event in the province of New Brunswick and one of the premier gatherings of motorcycle enthusiasts in Canada.


The event is organized in a family-friendly environment and is open to all makes and models of motorcycles. ATLANTICADE 2010 drew an estimated 10,000 participants from all 10 Canadian Provinces and 9 American States. Whereas it is located close to the New BrunswickMaine border this early summer festival has now become a true “international” gathering of motorcyclists.

YOURS TRULY.........

The 5th annual ATLANTICADE was once again held in Charlotte County, New Brunswick with the actual headquarters being situated in the small tourism Town of St. Andrews, New Brunswick.

Ben Richard of Moncton, NB, rode on the open highway well into his 90’s


As a resident of the town of St. Stephen, I wish to offer my personal apologies to the “200 +” participants in the “Parade Of Iron Horses”, from St. Andrews to St Stephen waterfront.
The final farewell rally at the St. Stephen waterfront promised vendors, food and entertainment. When I arrived, I could hear music being played, however, there were no vendors, no food, no water, and no tents for shade; JUST SEARING HEAT IN THE 90'S.
The Mayor of St. Stephen offered no rational explanation for this MAJOR BLUNDER at the time – I know this because I asked personally for an explanation.
I would hope the next visit to St. Stephen by Atlanticade will find the town fully prepared and welcoming – if not, you are all invited to my backyard for sausages n weenies J