Thursday, June 2, 2011

Relay For Life St Stephen

"The Watson Wranglers" - 1/28 Teams
that participated in Relay for Life

Attn: Angie in Yanchep - Our little Flash Mob last year at 24 hr "Relay for Life" in our little town.
This bit of video was taken when dance started. By the time the dance was ending, there were so many people on the field, all ages and had such a good workout and laugh.
I hope we do this again this year, the relay is next Friday @ 7pm till Saturday @ 7 - the Flash Mob Dance really kicked things off to a great start. There were very few that could "actually dance", ha,ha - everyone else was just moving limbs to the music :)

Cheers and have a great day. Lilly

p.s. when you pick the link below, pick video 2010-0613relayforlife 0062.AVI, for Flash Mob Dance. Remember we are only a small town, but it sure was spontaneous and fun. Approx 2:46 min in length.

Relay For Life St Stephen