Friday, June 24, 2011

Graduation in a small TOWN

Let's see now, there were approx 146 graduates - quite a crowd for this small town - anyway, its all special and starts with "The Special Church Service", where each graduate receives a "Special Adieu" and silver cross necklace. I think there is also a special supper - not sure who cooked it, but you can bet your Atlantic Salmon, it wasn't me.


Next comes the "Grand March", where each student graduating is accompanied by date and dressed up in tuxedos and "Ball" gowns. Each graduate then walks through an wonderfully decorated "Archway". This is when each individual is announced to the gathered crowds - as the students walk through the archway and down the steps, they then walk about (not like the walk about in Aussie Land), but simply walk about while photos are taken by parents and friends, until all students are have been announced - very pretty and rather like "Cinderella's Ball". This follows with the "Graduate's Dance, then the dance with Father/Mother - folllowed with an "Everybody Dance".
I would say for a good hour, many photos are taken at this point, up in the Archway, gathered together with family and friends.
This follows with the graduation dance, which I did not attend - students and dates only, I guess - I think I would have looked out of place in my ballerina dress??

These Kids not only caught my eye -
Their smiles are as genuine
and unique as they are  :)
This delightful young lady made her own dress out of " NEWSPAPER ";
yep, that's right folks - and it only cost her $60 - and GUESS what else -
She made National NEWS.
I saw the dress up close and it was awesome - like WOW !!

Now, we are not finished yet, for the evening after the "Grand March",  there is the actual Graduation Exercise. Graduates receive diplomas and gifts - real exciting for parents that did not know their kids won bursaries, etc. Shortly after receiving diplomas and gifts, the graduates have a "SAFE" Grad party, which this year, was to travel to Saint John and spend the evening at the Aquatic Center (Saint John's largest Indoor Pool), followed with pizza, etc.
This is a small town of approx 5,000 souls, and yes, most everyone, attends the Grad events. There always seems to be an abundance of attendance tickets, which no one ever asks to see, so you can really attend just about any event. The total experience happens over 3-4 days - the family that travelled the greatest distance this year, travelled all the way from Virginia USA to see their nephew graduate. All in all, it is a very beautiful event.
When all of this hype is over, it's back to summer jobs, goodbyes to family n friends and off to University/Community College, etc, for most. Some will join military forces and some will stick around their town, start jobs, marry and eventually raise more graduates. That's about it folks. I am sure I have forgotten some stuff here, but hey, I am no where close to perfect - just about 89.9% and counting  :)

This is my FAV Photo - Even in a TUX, Dr. Pepper's hits the spot.

St. Stephen, NB, Canada

Next Generation Graduate.........