Monday, June 6, 2011

Golf Balls made from LOBSTER SHELLS

I've always thought it nuts that many cruise ships have golf ball driving ranges where you hit into the open seas. Isn't that, um, littering?

Seems that University of Maine Researchers agreed, so they've developed a biodegradable golf ball from lobster shells.

A research team at the university of Maine has developed a new variety of eco-friendly golf ball. The golf balls are made from ground lobster shells, a refuse by-product from DEER ISLAND, New Brunswick, canning industry, which usually ends up in a landfill. The golf ball begins to dissolve in a little more than a week when submerged in water.  


Though biodegradable golf balls already exist, this is the first to be made with crushed lobster shells, with a biodegradable binder and coating. The weight's the same; the size is the same; it flies straight when hit, it drives like a real golf ball and it sounds like a real golf ball when hit.
Let's hope this idea takes off with a BOUNCE :)

Golf Balls made from Lobster Shells